‘American Idol’ Close To Inking Deals With Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj

After months of endless internet speculation as to who, exactly, will judge the next season of the popular television singing contest American Idol, it appears the show is close to inking deals with Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj. According to The Hollywood Reporter, both musicians are presently working on their own deals with executives.

Minaj will reportedly receive a cool $8 million for participating in the program. On top of that hefty paycheck, the singer will also receive an allowance for hair, makeup, and wardrobe. That’s really not a bad gig if you can get it. Although it initially appeared that Minaj’s relationship with Pepsi could ultimately sour the deal — American Idol has a sponsorship with Coke — this apparently is no longer a problem. Crisis averted.

Urban, meanwhile, is extremely close to inking a $3 to $4 million dollar deal with the network. This deal is a bit more reasonable than the one proposed by country music star and potential judge Brad Paisley, who was rumored to be demanding a paycheck in the same ballpark at Minaj. Since Urban is cheaper, it would seem he’s the guy who will fill the remaining judge’s chair.

In addition to American Idol, Urban will also spend some time on the Australian talent show The Voice. “I’m trying to make an album, and it’s strange how these opportunities all come in one big fell swoop,” Urban explained to Taste of Country.

Mariah Carey, on the other hand, has already signed on to participate in the program. For her role on the show, the singer will receive a staggering $18 million. This, of course, is a very small paycheck compared to what Simon Cowell was pulling down by the time season nine rolled around. The Hollywood Reporter states that the infamous judge garnered an impressive $35 million for his time and talent.

Are you excited about the upcoming season of American Idol? Are Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Keith Urban good choices?