WWE News: Major Plans In Place For WWE Superstar Neville Upon His Return To WWE

WrestleMania 32 was seen as an okay event for most. It was not brilliant by any means, but like always, WWE was able to give us some major highlights and “WrestleMania moments.” The event was not entirely bad because of WWE creative going in. They lost a ton of people before the event began such as Cesaro, Randy Orton, and Seth Rollins. Eventually, they lost John Cena and then The Wyatt Family saw Luke Harper go down.

Then, a new guy to the main roster in Neville also went down right before WrestleMania, upsetting many of us who wanted to see him in the ladder match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. According to reports, he was supposed to have a major role in the match but due to his injury, Zack Ryder took his spot in the match-up and ended up winning the whole thing. Looking back, it seems that WWE did the angle they were going to do with Neville ended up being with Ryder instead.

That means from start to finish, mostly, Ryder took Neville’s spot. According to Ringeside News, Neville was set to be part of the IC Title picture before his ankle injury occurred. He most likely would have won the match at WrestleMania and then lost it a bit after. While many would assume that WWE would not pull the exact story they did with Ryder where they had him lose the next night on WWE RAW, WWE very well could have had Neville lose soon after winning it. He could have then won it back and held onto it for a bit.

Neville hurt [Image via WWE]RSN now reports that the plan for Neville when he returns is for him to be back in the IC Title picture, so it would not be crazy think that he will get a shot at and possibly win the title within the next few months. This makes total sense, in theory, as Neville was getting more love by the fans and it seemed that WWE was finally figuring out how to use him before his injury. While there are still doubts among fans that they know how to use Neville, it seems that they want to at least throw a title on him and see how things go.

Clearly, fans of Neville can rejoice knowing the company wants to see how he works with a title program. While most of the fans do not care for The Miz, it seems that the reason he is holding the IC Title for now is simply because they want to help get his new character going and it was most likely going to happen this way regardless of the Neville injury.

Now that Neville is set to make his return sooner rather than later, Miz’s title reign has been going on long enough that dropping it to Neville would not be crazy to see.

Neville NXT [Image via WWE]It is doubtful they will go with the same storyline they had in mind before, but it does look like Neville would end up getting a shot to show the higher-ups that he can be a good singles champion. Usually, the first step to becoming a WWE World Champion is becoming the WWE Intercontinental Champion. While some in the past that have won the WWE World Title have bypassed this and headed straight for the World Title like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, others had to go down a harder road.

People who are smaller tend to need a secondary title like the Intercontinental or United States Title to prove they deserve to be given a World Title. Some may just be young and need to prove themselves even more, like Randy Orton for instance. Orton was the youngest World Champion in WWE history at 24, but he was an IC Champ before this title win. Even John Cena held the U.S. Title before becoming a World Champion. That said, this is a huge opportunity for Neville. It very well could be a test, that if passed, could help his WWE career exponentially during this “new era” push.

[Image via WWE]