‘Outlander’ [Spoilers]: Claire Fights For Her Baby, Jamie, And Her Future

'Outlander' [Spoilers]: Claire Fights For Her Baby, Jamie, And Her Future

The seventh episode of Season 2 of Outlander airs tonight and finds Claire in a very difficult position in multiple situations. Last week’s episode was titled “Best Laid Schemes.” It ended with a highly emotional scene that had implications to Claire’s marriage to Jamie, and in the future to Frank. None of this news is good. This week’s episode of Outlander is titled “Faith.” Starz has provided a trailer and a synopsis for tonight’s Outlander and a promo has been shared online. Let’s see what we can gather from them.

Spoilers follow. Stop reading now if you do not wish to read Outlander spoilers.

Here is the synopsis of tonight’s Outlander episode as shared by Starz.

“Claire is brought to L’Hopital Des Anges where doctors try to save her life and that of her unborn baby. King Louis asks Claire to judge two men accused of practicing the dark arts – one an enemy, one a friend.”

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At the end of last week’s Outlander episode, we saw Claire fall unconscious as she saw Jack Randall fall to the ground after Jamie stabbed him with his sword in their forbidden duel. Tonight’s Outlander will have her traveling to L’Hopital Des Anges for medical attention as doctors try to save her and her unborn child. One of the scenes included in the leaked Outlander promo shows her alone in bed, exclaiming, “Where’s my baby? Where is my baby?” Has it passed, and she has not yet been told? Or has the hospital staff simply taken the child somewhere else for care? The baby has been a spot of hope for the troubled Outlander couple. You can be sure that if it does not live, tensions between them will increase even more as she places some blame on him for the impact of his betrayal on the welfare of the baby.

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Tonight’s episode of Outlander will also feature a difficult choice for Claire. She will be asked to judge both a friend and an enemy who stand accused of practicing the dark arts. Jamie will be jailed for his participation in a duel, which is outlawed in France. The leaked promo shows Claire appealing to the king for his release, as International Business Times reports.

“He agrees to pardon Jamie if Claire uses her powers as La Dame Blanche to judge two men who have been accused of practising the dark arts. Claire must choose between Comte St Germain and Master Raymond, and she declares that St Germain is associated with a group called Les Disciples du Mal.”

This Outlander scene will find Claire full of conflict once again. She doesn’t care for being referred to as La Dame Blanche, but she wants to do what she can to free Jamie. And to be able to identify St. Germain as part of Les Disciples du Mal, the man who has been the source of trouble for the Outlander couple, will bring her joy. The promo also seems to indicate that he may require her to sleep with him as a condition of Jamie’s release, another Outlander scene full of internal conflict for her. Check out the promo below.

The trailer for tonight’s Outlander episode also shows Claire presumably in the hospital bed saying that Jamie chose revenge over her and their child. She feels betrayed, and yet another wedge is driven between them.

One final question from last week’s Outlander episode remains and is not answered by anything we’ve seen online this week. That is the fate of Jack Randall? And what does it mean for Claire and Frank? Was Jamie’s attack fatal? Did Jack die? If he did, what does this mean about the future of Frank’s very existence? We’ll have to wait and see.

Outlander airs on Starz on Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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