Blake Shelton Does The Talking, Opens Up About The Fun He’s Having With Gwen

Blake opens up about Gwen

Blake Shelton has been in the spotlight quite heavily due to his relationship with rocker beauty Gwen Stefani. When the two are put in the hot seat in regard to their romance, both Gwen and Blake tend to skirt around the details and give mere snippets about their bond and love for one another.

However, Shelton is finally speaking about his lady love. Until now, it has been Stefani who has been fielding all of the questions that the media fires their way. It was even Gwen who took on the cover up in the initial stages of their relationship, when rumors were swirling, yet the pair was not admitting a thing.

As E! reminds, back in November, the blonde bombshell responded to the first questions about an assumed romance brewing between she and Blake.

“This is what I’ll say about that: I never said nothin’ about being in a new relationship.”

At the time, Gwen was getting ready to promote her first solo album in 10 years and clearly wanted fans’ focus to be on that. Since fessing up, however, it doesn’t seem that the romance has taken away anything from Gwen’s promotion or success. In fact, as their bond grew stronger, the singer’s tracks became more and more influenced by Shelton, as Gwen has admitted.

Now that the couple has been public for nearly 7 months, Shelton is speaking a little more freely about Gwen. The country singer is on the publicity circuit, reminding people about his latest album and about his contribution to the new Angry Birds movie.

The publication shares admissions by Blake about Gwen and his chemistry.

“He admitted on Today Thursday, after Savannah Guthrie was the one to point out all the ‘musical chemistry’ and ‘chemistry-chemistry’ between them, that the constant attention that he and Gwen attract is “a little weird” for him.”

Shelton, however, did fess up to enjoying the time he has in the spotlight with Gwen

“We could not be, on paper, any more different. I mean, I’m a country singer and she’s a ska, rock, pop, whatever it is…and it’s just an odd idea. But man, it’s a lot of fun. I’ve gotta be honest about that.”

Following his lady’s lead with the vulnerable tracks and honest lyrics, Shelton’s latest album is dishing out more about his personal life than he has ever done in the past. On his 10th studio album, titled If I’m Honest, the singer gets to the heart of the matter. E! reminds readers of the first tracks that have been released off of Stefani’s recent album, including “Used to Love You,” which is directed at her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale.

In Shelton’s candid chat about his vulnerable album, he jokingly notes that he may as well make some bucks off the stories about him everyone else is cashing in on.

“I figure since everybody else is cashing in on my life, I might as well too. So that’s what the record is.”

He and Gwen have also collaborated on a new song, which they have performed once together already, as Celebuzz shares. When describing the chemistry and collaborative experience, Shelton stated it was “just crazy.”

“‘I actually wrote that song, started it just to try to impress her, to be honest with you,’ Blake said on Today. ‘And I sent it to her just half done…and she wrote the next verse and sent it back to me. And so it was like, oh, we’ve got a song together. That’s kind of cool.'”

Although Gwen and Shelton blend perfectly as a couple and in the music department, while visiting Live! Shelton admits that it is obvious that his stylish gal pal isn’t rubbing off on him in the fashion department.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]