Hailey Baldwin Reacts To Tweet About Justin Bieber, Sparks Rumors Of Reunion With ‘Company’ Singer

Hailey Baldwin Justin Bieber

Hailey Baldwin sparked new rumors of a reunion with longtime friend and probable ex-lover Justin Bieber with a tweet this week, as multiple media outlets have reported.

Hailey Baldwin started the Internet outburst on Wednesday when she posted a picture of Fear of God founder Jerry Lorenzo Manuel on her Twitter account holding an image of Justin Bieber with the caption “Mood” to accompany it.

The move sparked several fans to comment on the image, speculating whether the post meant that Hailey and Justin were potentially getting back together. Fans responded with a mix of approval for Bieber and Baldwin getting back together to comments suggesting ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez was the only woman for the “Sorry” singer.

This comes after a rumored reunion between Bieber and Baldwin earlier this month in New York City, Hollywood Life reported at the time. The encounter was rumored to have occurred after Justin wrapped up a concert date on his Purpose tour. Hailey met him at an after party, and the two left the festivities together to head to Baldwin’s apartment in the city.

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For her part, Hailey is denying that the Justin Bieber tweet had any meaning behind it, Yahoo! Celebrity News reported. In an interview at the opening of a Magnum ice cream store, Baldwin said fans were reading too much into what she wrote.

“Honestly, I just said ‘mood’ because I thought it was funny and it’s just, like, an inside joke. It wasn’t like ‘mood’ in any type of ‘let’s read into it this’ way!”

Hailey was also asked about what occurred on the night she and Justin Bieber reunited earlier this month. Baldwin cautiously answered the question, leaving room for fans to speculate that a romantic encounter wasn’t out of the question. “Just, like, close friends, old stories,” Baldwin told the interviewer about her reunion. “It was good… It was great.”

Hailey and Justin have been rumored to be dating since the start of the year. Baldwin accompanied Bieber on a family vacation after Christmas, and the two shared a romantic kiss on Instagram to ring in the new year, the Inquisitr previously reported.

The two continued to see each other despite their busy schedules. During the festivities surrounding Super Bowl week in San Francisco, Hailey and Justin were spotted partying together. Bieber snapped an Instagram picture to capture the moment, suggesting that Baldwin had already been accepted by his friends.

Since that time, however, Justin and Hailey have not been spotted hanging out nearly as much. Bieber has been busy preparing for the tour to promote his Purpose album. Baldwin has been using her modeling career to open several doors in her budding career.

Despite not having time to meet up, it hasn’t kept the two from discussing each other in separate magazine interviews. In a GQ tell-all, Justin admitted that he “loved” his time with Hailey. Bieber also explained that he enjoyed kissing Baldwin, but stopped short of saying the two were dating.

Hailey has admitted that dating Justin Bieber is “hard” to do, according to Cosmopolitan. Baldwin said that she doesn’t try to invite the world into her love life despite being a popular public figure, especially when the other person is Justin Bieber.

“Texts started coming through, crazy phone calls…it’s hard to date somebody in this industry. You have to have really thick skin and be very strong. You have to focus on the person and nothing else.”

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