Duggar Family Accused Of Selling ‘Exclusive’ Photos Of Josh To Capitalize On Scandals [Video]

josh duggar family

In a new twist of events, the publicly disgraced Duggar family is now being accused of selling photos of Josh Duggar to magazines following his return from rehab. According to fans, the Duggar clan allegedly has actively sought out magazines that will purchase up close photos of Josh as a way to reintroduce the fallen reality star to a public that’s curious about what he’s up to since he admitted to cheating on his wife and a pornography addiction.

The latest scandal began when People magazine published photos of Josh Duggar working with his siblings at their used car business. In one photo, Josh poses and smiles with a surplus Army vehicle, while a second photo shows Duggar selling a photo to a local buyer. Although the photos seem natural, fans have accused the Duggar family of staging the photos as a way to make money.

After 19 Kids & Counting was cancelled following revelations that Josh Duggar molested several young girls when he was a teenager, the Duggar family was accused of covering up the incidents for the sake of their conservative Christian image. Naturally, once the police report involving Josh Duggar was revealed, fans felt betrayed.

At the time, the Duggar family took a major financial hit, from which they reportedly have yet to cover. According to sources, the Duggar family was worth about $3.5 million before the scandals involving Josh caused TLC to cancel their long-running hit series. Following the cancellation, book deals and speaking engagements were dropped.

Since their first reality show was cancelled, sources reveal that the Duggar family has been supporting themselves by restoring and selling old houses and vehicles. However, their second reality show, Jill & Jessa: Counting On was lso a hit, garnering more views for a premiere than any other show in TLC history, proving that viewers are still enthralled with the conservative Christian family.

While “[s]ome people may have thought Jessa was wounded by the negative headlines” an insider revealed at the time that “it’s exciting to be able to show people that she is happier than ever and holding her head high,” along with her sister-in-law, Anna Duggar, on Jill & Jessa: Counting On.

While there’s been no indication about exactly who provided the photos of Josh to magazines, fans are accusing the Duggar family of exploiting the molestation scandals for their own gain. According to fans in the Facebook group “Duggar Family: Life is not all pickles and hairspray,” the Duggar family normally keeps their used car lot locked behind gates.

Because the photographer was able to access the property, they must have had permission from the family to take the photos, fans claim. Duggar followers also point out that because Josh was smiling for the camera, he must have known he was being photographed.

Since returning from rehab, Josh has been photographed with his family on three occasions, presumably as a way to reintroduce Josh to the public. Fans speculate that after enough time has passed, the Duggar family will go on a “redemption” tour as a way to make up for all the money they lost after 19 Kids & Counting was cancelled.

According to Duggar insiders, Josh “looks happy” and is doing well selling used cars since he “interacts very well with people.” While the Duggar family “definitely [has] forgiven Josh,” according to his sister, Jessa, followers are less forgiving, pointing out that the “insiders” at the used car lot were likely Duggar family members.

Ultimately, sources believe that the Duggar family is using the “exclusive” photographs to pave the way for a new series about Josh and his family and how they have survived following the scandals that nearly ruined them.

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