Extra ‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’ Tickets To Be Offered Up Lottery Style

Fans of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child who couldn’t get tickets to the stage play have a second, third, and possibly even a fourth chance through a lottery system the production has set up. This eighth official story of the Harry Potter universe is going to be told in two parts starting in June. While the presale for these tickets has long since sold out, it has just been revealed there will be a kind of online lottery system for 40 extra tickets which will go on sale the Friday before a performance.


The production has claimed that those who can get their hands on these Harry Potter tickets won’t be disappointed as they will offer up great seats for relatively cheap. CinemaBlend reports fans of the play and the Harry Potter series will be able to get preview show (June 7 – July 3) tickets going for £30 ($43), and official opening tickets going for £40 ($58). The best news is when you purchase these tickets, you don’t have to worry about seeing just one part. Those tickets will get you into both parts of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and unlike the final two movies, you won’t have to wait years to see the conclusion.

Where the bad news comes in, is that Harry Potter fans based in the United States, or just outside Great Britain are not going to be able to see the show with a fair bit of travel. At the moment, the production is limited to England. So while you can see the show for a decent price, you’re probably going to be wanting to head over there for some other reason and throw in a night watching the Harry Potter world unfold one more time as a bonus.

The other caveat is because the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child lottery is being held online, there’s really no telling how many people you are going to be going up against. Granted, the locale could knock off some competition for Harry Potter tickets. There are still likely to be any number of ticket brokers who want to get in on the contest in order to drive up the price and make a profit. So far, the people behind the Cursed Child haven’t explained exactly how they’re going to get around this, thought one entry into the lottery per person will at least make it a bit harder.

For Harry Potter fans who don’t win what’s being billed as the “Friday Forty” there will apparently be some seats which can be purchased the day of the show at the Palace Theatre, though they will be offered at full price. In order to get in on the lottery you just need to go over to Harry Potter the Play’s website and click the “Book Tickets” button at 1 PM on Friday. This will send people into a virtual que and it’s here where the lottery winners will be informed they are one of the lucky 40.


The whole process of getting entry into the lottery of course, does not solve the problem of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child fans who cannot get over to London to see the play. At the moment, there doesn’t appear to be a process in place for those left out in the cold. One piece of good news in that regard is the official script for both parts is set to be published this summer. The publication will go live sometime after the curtain rises on the first performance. There isn’t an exact date yet but its expected to be sometime in early June. For Harry Potter fans looking for another fix, reading the script will have to suffice.

[Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]