Drake Gives Billboard Awards Pre-Show Performance At Jewel Nightclub, Rihanna At His Side

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Rapper Drake has been busy lately.

The Toronto rapper has participated in the hilarity at Saturday Night Live, going so far as to take shots at himself with the “Back To Back” parody. He also just recently released his new album, Views. His feature alongside Rihanna on the single “Work” is still buzzing, and his work tops Billboard charts on a consistent basis. It’s clear that Drake works hard, and he has reportedly been doing so in Las Vegas.

People magazine reports that Drake performed at Jewel nightclub on Friday night, stepping onto the stage in a pre-show performance to the Billboard Music Awards. Drake wasn’t alone, as “Sex With Me” singer Rihanna joined him at the nightclub. It was reported that she didn’t hit the stage with him. Instead, she chose to remain on the side and give him moral support from there.

Apparently, it was rather early in the morning when the “Hotline Bling” rapper Drake jumped on stage around 2:15 a.m. Those attending the nightclub were unaware of his presence. Performers prior were teasing the attendees with news that a surprise special guest performer would be appearing, but no one knew that it would be an artist as big as Drake.

Perhaps speculation about Drake’s appearance should have been more evident, as he has been dominating Billboard as of late. Reported by The Des Moines Register, Drake’s Views debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. This is the sixth album to have reached such heights, and the “Six God” has no plan on stopping.

“They want me to do two songs but I got nothing better to do than stay here with you all,” Drake told the crowd.

Just two songs? Drake wouldn’t have it. He ended up performing more than two, including “Summer Sixteen,” “Know Yourself,” “Back To Back,” “Energy,” and “Jumpman.” Rihanna didn’t step onto the stage for any of her own songs, which makes it more evident that she was only there to be a presence for the Toronto native.

Drake wasn’t the only one to grace the stage of the Jewel nightclub, though. The Wrap reports that Jamie Foxx and The Chainsmokers also graced the stage. Drake, ever the comedian, spoke without reservation during his time on stage.

“I’ll stay on this stage as long as you want me,” Drake said to those in attendance at Jewel. He joked with the crowd after two songs, and it was clear that he was having a good time.

“There’s my two songs,” Drake stated, as if to say that he was no longer bound by obligation to be there. It was almost as if he had been there so many times before, and yet Jewel was a new venue for Drake. If the audience’s uproar at his appearance is any indication, then it’s safe to say that Drake was certainly a welcome performance.

Will Drake perform at the 2016 Billboard Awards show? It was previously reported by the Inquisitr that many big names will be showing up, and anyone who keeps track of music knows that Drizzy can headline with the best of them. Billboard even reports that Drake is up for multiple nominations for his work. It’s an impressive feat, given that such a number pushes him past the likes of Beyonce and his rumored love, Rihanna.

How do you feel about Drake as an artist? Do you feel that he deserves his spot at the Billboard and that he is the hottest artist in the game right now? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Photo By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]