Are ‘Real Housewives Of Dallas’ Star Brandi Redmond And Her Husband Still Together? Plus His Net Worth Is Revealed

As the Real Housewives of Dallas continues its freshman season, the focus has begun to shift on Brandi Redmond’s relationship with her husband, Bryan. Are the two still together? And what is his net worth?

According to Romper, despite how things look on the show, Brandi’s relationship with Bryan is very much intact. In fact, Brandi’s constant uploads on social media point towards a happy relationship with Bryan.

Of course, things have played out differently on the show. So far, Brandi and Bryan have struggled with communication, while his busy work schedule has become an obstacle in their marriage.

More recently, Brandi started to reconnect with her grandfather while Bryan was out of town. However, Bryan was quick to distance himself from the situation when he got home, which only made matters worse.

Brandi Redmond RHOD

When Brandi invited her grandfather and his wife to a special dinner, Bryan chose to go out with friends. After arriving late to the BBQ, his non-interactions with the family left Brandi heartbroken.

In a blog post on Bravo, Brandi explained her emotions towards Bryan’s insensitive actions.

“I will say I was so excited and nervous about the family time coming together, and Bryan didn’t make me feel important in that moment,” she wrote. “I felt embarrassed and heartbroken. Having to watch what already hurt was difficult and I became emotional all over again … I don’t blame anyone but Bryan for his actions and attitude.”

Brandi added that Bryan’s personality sometimes prevents him from expressing himself.

“Bryan is a very focused man, and sometimes it gets the best of him,” she shared. “He puts up a wall sometimes to block out things that seem to be difficult.”

At the same time, Us Magazine is reporting that Brandi’s co-stars were quick to pick up on the broken communication between her and Bryan.

“Brandi and Bryan don’t really talk about things. … It’s a recipe for disaster. It’s going to explode. …” Brandi’s bestie, Stephanie Hollman, shared during the BBQ.

Stephanie Hollman [Image via Bravo]

To add even more to the rumors of a split, the coming episode features more drama between Brandi and her husband. According to Fashion & Style, Brandi will attempt to discuss her concerns with Bryan and things don’t go as expected.

“I know how hard you’re working, and then I just get upset, because I feel like I’m not getting that attention that I need,” Brandi tells Bryan in a promo video.

“I’ve had enough. I’m done,” Bryan replies and leaves.

Despite the troubles in their relationship, it appears as though things work out between Brandi and Bryan. After all, her social media is filled with pictures that show a happy and well-adjusted family.

Whether or not this means that Brandi and Bryan will work out their differences before the end of the first season of the Real Housewives of Dallas is yet to be seen.

Meanwhile, Romper is reporting that Bryan’s net worth is thought to be around the $3.5 million mark. Considering how Brandi came from fairly humble beginnings, her husband’s net worth is definitely an upgrade.

Bryan earned the bulk of his money as the Head of Acquisitions at Suntex. The company helps to develop real estate in Mexico and the Caribbean, which goes far in explaining why Bryan is gone on long business trips all the time.

Although Bryan has clearly garnered a lot of wealth for him and his family, his long absences are starting to take a toll. If he wants to keep his marriage in one piece, then things are going to have to change in the near future.

The next episode of the Real Housewives of Dallas airs Monday night on Bravo.

[Image via Bravo]