Are You as Attractive as People From Miami?

I am not attractive based on the results of Travel+Leisure magazine’s online survey on where you can find the most attractive people in the US.

Topping the list is Miami, the place with nice weather, sandy beaches, and now attractive people– based on the 125,000 people surveyed by the magazine.

“I’m not surprised at all, but I’m not in that group” Bill Talbert, president of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, jokingly told Reuters.

“When you’re here, you kind of take it for granted. Then you travel, and when you come back you say, ‘Oh my, look what we have here,”‘ he added.

Completing the list of top ten cities with the most attractive people are: (2) San Diego (3) Austin (4) Charleston (5) Honolulu (6) Los Angeles (7) San Francisco (8) Minneapolis/ St. Paul (9) New York (10) Denver.

Philadelphia came in last at 25th spot. At least, you can find a lot of “brotherly love” in Philly… and cheesesteak, too.