Pope Francis Needs To ‘Shut The F—- Up’ About Muslim Migrants Woes, Paul Joseph Watson Attacks Pontiff In YouTube Tirade

pope francis needs to stfu about muslim immigrants

A British conspiracy theorist has zeroed in on Pope Francis in a scathing commentary posted on YouTube where he told the Pontiff in no uncertain terms to “Shut the f—- up.”

The clip was uploaded on Paul Joseph Watson’s channel where he called out the Pope for likening ISIS’s conquest of the Middle East to Jesus sending out his disciples. Watson delivered a sharp attack at the pontiff.

“Yeah, I must have missed that Bible chapter where Jesus’ disciples beheaded people and forced them into sex slavery and made them pay a tax on pain of death if they refuse to convert.”

Pope Francis may have sent mixed messaged to Christians on Tuesday when he said that “conquest is at the heart of Islam.” He then went on to criticize European nations for shutting down their borders at the expense of the mass refugees.

“We cannot advance without taking these cultures into account. As a Libyan said recently, ‘We used to have one Gadhafi, now we have 50,'” Pope Francis appealed, adding that tolerance and acceptance for the Muslims are not a pipe dream.

“I come from a country where they co-habit on good terms. Muslims come to venerate the Virgin Mary and St George. Similarly, they tell me that for the Jubilee Year Muslims in one African country formed a long queue at the cathedral to enter through the holy door and pray to the Virgin Mary,” he added.

But Paul Joseph Watson said that Pope Francis’ statements are smack full of hypocrisy. For one, the Vatican is not doing its part to welcome refugees. He pointed out that the co-existence the pontiff was harping about is only made possible since the Catholic state has 39-foot-walls surrounding it. According to Watson, those walls were erected to keep out Muslim invaders centuries ago.

“Pope, stop wasting your time washing Muslim migrants’ feet, saying how awfully racist Christianity in Europe is … (or) how evil capitalism is, or how South American socialism is working out,” he said. “Why don’t you actually do something to address the pedophiles that still infest the Catholic Church?”

Paul Joseph Watson’s video where he told Pope Francis to “shut the f—k up” has already gotten 166,653 views and actually gotten nearly 13,000 likes and just a little under 300 dislikes, which means most of the viewers agree with his statements, with not a few advocating violence as the answer.

“Can we just have another Crusades? Everyone versus Islam. It would be so beautiful,” user Dillon Flatt said.

“Pope Urban II is turning in grave, this pope is traitor to all Catholics. We need Pope that will call for Crusade again,” another wrote.

On Nov. 27, 1095, Pope Urban ordered the First Crusade in the effort to reclaim the Holy Land from the Turks.

Paul Joseph Watson’s tirade against Pope Francis is nothing new as the pontiff has been criticized for not doing enough to defend the Catholic Church in the face of a very real threat posed by Islamic extremists like the IS.

In March,William Kilpatrick of Crisis Magazine wrote that Pope Francis shouldn’t have washed and kissed the feet of the Muslim migrants earlier this year as it can be seen as a sign of weakness by some fundamentalists.

“Many Muslims, however, may see it differently—not as a gesture of brotherhood, but as one of submission and surrender,” he wrote.”The word ‘Islam’ means ‘submission,’ and submission is what Islam expects of other faiths. Muslims consider Islam to be the supreme religion. To the extent that it tolerates the ‘People of the Book’ (Christians and Jews), Islam tolerates them on the condition that they acknowledge its supremacy.”

Pope Francis Slammed Over Islam Comment

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