‘Real Housewives Of New York’ Stars Ramona Singer And Dorinda Medley’s Fight Spills Over Onto Twitter

'Real Housewives Of New York' Stars Ramona Singer And Dorinda Medley's Fight Spills Over Onto Twitter [Image via Bravo]

Ramona Singer and Dorinda Medley just can’t help it. After fans watched the two fight it out on the Real Housewives of New York, the ladies took the feud to Twitter.

According to Us Magazine, Singer and Medley started to argue during John Mahdessian’s party. While Medley’s boyfriend attempted to throw out Luann de Lesseps’ ex-boyfriend, Singer confronted Medley.

The two ladies began to shout at each other and threatened to have the police called.

As if that wasn’t enough, Singer and Medley decided to continue their fight on Twitter after the episode.

“I was so disgusted…I thought @ramonasinger was leaving with that nut job and I know she’s almost as certifiable as HE clearly was…. or IS,” Medley wrote on Twitter.

Of course, Singer would not that insult go without addressing it.

“Only you are certifiable, and you know why I’m disgusted by the way john treats women including You!” Singer posted on Twitter.

John Mahdessian and Dorinda Medley [Image via Bravo]
From here, the two continued to exchange words, with each defending their actions during the party.

As far as Medley is concerned, she hammered Singer for being the instigator at the party and accused her of starting the fight intentionally.

“Look it’s just not her place. You don’t create problems just because there’s nothing interesting FOR YOU going on,” Medley hit back. “It was Luann’s issue, and she was gone. John was fully right in having him leave.”

“It was disrespectful to me, to John, to Malan, the caterer, the press, the guests, & the employees who worked hard to put this together,” Medley added. “Just not nice and not right @ramonasinger. Look everybody… She walked in with an agenda, it wasn’t positive, and this is a man’s business!!!!”

Singer denied having any sort of plan about what she was going to do at the party. Instead, she referenced Mahdessian’s actions and called him out for abusing her at the party and throughout this season of the Real Housewives of New York.

“I had no agenda,” Singer replied. “I was there. You asked me to come at Luanne’s event and to support you. I don’t need John’s abuse but obviously you relish the way he treats us and abuses us.”

“John should tell it in… even you did not go home with him,” Singer finished. “Had enough #goodnightmyfriends.”

According to Bustle, Singer’s actions at the party were completely uncalled for. Not only did she crash the party drunk, but the man who was kicked out, Rey, was also drunk and trying to harass de Lesseps.

In fact, de Lesseps left the party because he made her uncomfortable. Furthermore, Singer doesn’t even know Rey very well.

John also created drama with Bethenny Frankel at Dorinda's party earlier this season. [Image via Bravo]
That being said, Mahdessian did get up in Singer’s face when he asked her to leave. At the end of the night, neither walked away looking good. According to the Daily Mail, Medley was disappointed with the way they both behaved.

“Get the f*** away from me,” Medley yelled at Mahdessian and Singer during the fight. “You don’t put your hand in a woman’s face ever.”

What’s really unfortunate is that Medley and Singer attempted to fix their broken relationship earlier in the episode.

While Medley asked Singer to “respect” the relationship she has with Mahdessian, Singer had a snarky comment to share during her confessional.

“Why can’t John just be a better person?” Singer told cameras.

At this point, it is clear that Singer’s relationship with Medley is beyond the breaking point. Considering how their fight erupted on Twitter after the show, the pair has a long way to go before they get past this feud.

Fans can watch the drama ramp back up when the Real Housewives of New York airs Wednesday nights on Bravo.

[Image via Bravo]