‘NCIS’ Season 13 Finale: Tony DiNozzo Dead or Alive? [Spoilers]

With fans knowing that the NCIS Season 13 finale was going to be Michael Weatherly’s last episode, they wanted to know what would happen. The actor had teased death in his final episode, but he also said that there was a different side to the character than he or anyone had ever seen. So, just how did the finale play out? Was DiNozzo dead or alive by the end of the episode?

The episode before left us with the possibility of Ziva dying. Her family farmhouse in Tel Aviv had been hit by terrorists, and she was inside at the time. It quickly transpired in the NCIS Season 13 finale that she was dead. Hers was the death that Weatherly had teased previously.

It was an important part of the episode, too. Not only did it affect Tony, but it brought someone into his life that he had never known about. It turned out that, before Ziva left, she had fallen pregnant by Tony but kept it from him and the rest of the team. She didn’t want to make him choose between his life with NCIS and his life with her.

The little girl was called Tali, after Ziva’s late sister. Tony was a mixture of shocked and hurt, according to Us Weekly, since Ziva had chosen not to overcomplicate his life. This was something he would have wanted to know, and now he has found himself with a three-year-old daughter he doesn’t really know but has to make a choice for.

During the run-up to the episode, fans knew that DiNozzo would put family first, as The Inquisitr previously reported. Nobody knew how that would happen, though. There was speculation that he would take a bullet for one of his NCIS family – especially Gibbs, whom he viewed as a father. There was also speculation that he would go to be with Ziva after his identity crisis, as he didn’t have a wife or family.

Nobody really expected the outcome that did happen. But why did he decide to leave NCIS because of a three-year-old daughter he didn’t know? It turned out that he had no second thoughts about taking her and being the father Ziva had stopped him from being. He and Jimmy Palmer went straight to his apartment to baby-proof it.

It was actually Jimmy who helped bring up the question of working for NCIS. Would he continue working in such a dangerous role? There have been times that they have all be at risk of death, and would he leave Tali without any parents?

The speech didn’t initially have an impact. Tony went out with his team to save Polk and take care of Kort. It was the phone call from McGee and the death of Kort that made him think twice about being a member of the team. It was a decision that Gibbs — and all fans—saw coming. DiNozzo was putting his family — his little girl — first. She had nobody else, and he wasn’t going to leave her with nobody at all.

Where will DiNozzo go? He mentions Israel and Paris, but there are no concrete plans. The episode certainly leaves it all open for him to return, but also leaves it open that Ziva may not really be dead. Who knows if she really did die in the farmhouse or if there is something missing from the NCIS episode? Tony wants answers for Tali, and that is why he is going to Israel. Nobody knows what he will find there.

To make sure there were no dry eyes watching the NCIS Season 13 finale, Tony DiNozzo even passed on to “Very Special Agent” title to McGee. Does he also sell him his apartment? That was speculated but never confirmed in Weatherly’s last NCIS episode.

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