Iraqi War Veteran William Everett Alemar Arrested On Felony Terrorism Charges

Martinsburg, WV – Army National Guardsman and Iraqi war veteran William Everett Alemar was arrested on felonies related to committing a terroristic act while wearing body armor. Martinsburg residents grew concerned when noticing William Alemar jogging while holding what appeared to be an assault rifle and called police, according to The Blaze.

William Alemar’s “assault rifle” was actually an air soft gun, with a red tip indicating that it is a toy. The Iraqi veteran was wearing a protective vest over Army fatigues, according to the Herald Mail. Three police officers caught up with William Alemar shortly after 7 am, pulled their guns and ordered him to the ground.

Although Martinsburg police officers quickly realized the air soft “training” AR-15 was a toy, they also found two knives, empty rifle magazines and ceramic places in his protective vest. Alemar was taken to jail and charged with a felony described as a terrorist act. The Herald Mail also notes that the Army National Guardsman’s appearance caused alarm in the community, and he was viewed as a threat by residents. William Alemar’s jogging path was near a school, perhaps heightening the sense of urgency in the 911 calls and law enforcement response.

“My son is not a terrorist, he’s a good kid,” Alemar’s father stated, according to interview excerpts republished by The Blaze. The elder Alemar also maintains his son was attempting to stay in shape for his next military assignment.


William Everett Alemar was allegedly legally drunk with a.213 blood alcohol level. In West Virginia the legal alcohol limit for drivers is.08 percent. The Iraqi veteran remains in jail on felony terrorism charges on a $50,000 bond.

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