‘Shark Tank’ Star Barbara Corcoran Dishes On Donald Trump [Video]

Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran has not climbed aboard the Trump train, even though she and presidential hopeful Donald Trump have a lot in common.

Both of them are New York City real estate moguls and reality TV stars.

Shark Tank, the hit ABC series, aired its Season 7 finale at 9 p.m. Eastern tonight.

Corcoran offered her assessment of the GOP presumptive presidential nominee in a CNN interview with Erin Burnett.

They both started their real estate careers in their 20s and have been acquaintances since then.

“He was my best advocate when I was on his side and supporting him; if you ever differed with him, he was your worst nightmare….he hasn’t changed a bit; it’s remarkable to me,” she said about Donald Trump, the ex-Celebrity Apprentice star.

When Erin Burnett asked her if Trump would make a good president, Corcoran didn’t hold back. “I don’t think so at all,” she said, adding that she initially thought his presidential bid was a joke.


Corcoran seemed to claim that Trump lacks leadership traits necessary in a great leader such as “fairness, fair play, no bullying, no name calling, creating consensus” and avoiding divisiveness.

During the interview, Barbara Corcoran, 67, heaped praise on Hillary Clinton, the Democrat frontrunner, describing her as presidential, dignified, kind, and possessing the necessary credentials for a commander-in-chief.

When asked who would win in November, however, the Shark Tank star declared to a seemingly crestfallen Erin Burnett that Trump will be the next president.

Leaving aside Trump’s many incendiary and/or controversial comments, it’s hardly unusual that someone in the entertainment/celebrity orbit would support at least publicly a Democrat over any Republican office seeker.

“I think he’s a hugely successful businessman because of his enormous ability to put out an image and make everybody fall for it. But I have to say he is great at recovery and getting everybody to believe he’s back on top. He’s a magician in that regard,” Corcoran added about Trump.


“H’es probably one of the most powerful and effective sales people I have ever met in my life, but the downside is…you can’t count on it,” she insisted, suggesting that there would be no follow-through.

In February, Corcoran’s Shark Tank co-star Kevin O’Leary, a.k.a. Mr. Wonderful, predicted that Trump will ride a populist wave into the White House and that his presidency will be good for job creation and the stock market. Parenthetically, O’Leary is mulling a political future of his own in Canadian politics, with aspirations to become that country’s next prime minister.

During the CNN interview, Barbara Corcoran also defended and stood by a controversial tweet suggesting that women should yank up their skirts to attract attention in the male-dominated business environment. She told Burnett that anyone, male or female, should play up whatever advantage they have to stand out from the pack.

Barbara Corcoran at Kentucky Derby [Photo by Joe Imel/Invision/AP]If you haven’t seen Shark Tank, what happens on the show is that entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to five often obnoxious, but oddly engaging, deep-pocketed “sharks” and try to convince at least one of them to invest in their venture. The wealthy sharks are sometimes overly stingy with their money or overreaching with their demands for equity, however.

Barbara Corcoran has so far invested in about 30 companies that have pitched her and her colleagues on Shark Tank. Her number one productivity tip for entrepreneurs or small business operators is, “When setting priorities for your company, begin by repeating what has worked in the past before you try anything new,” according to Business Insider.

[Photo by Jeff Christensen/AP]