WWE News: Shane McMahon Is Now Helping Out In WWE Creative, One Of His Ideas Used On RAW?

When Shane McMahon came back to the WWE a little while back, it was a huge situation. First and foremost, we had a return that everyone had wanted to see. Despite never leaving, Vince and Stephanie McMahon do not have the kind of love and respect from fans that Shane McMahon does. The reason, simply, is because of what he put his body through when we all knew he never had to do so. He made it a point to go out in a given match and put his body on the line as much as or more than any other pro-wrestler in the company.

He became well known for his daredevil acts, and it gained respect from not only the fans, but the boys in the back. The locker room had huge respect for Shane because they knew they had to bring it. If the boss’ son would do something huge, they knew they had to find a way to top it. So, weirdly enough, Shane McMahon pushed the talent to be better because they had to outdo him. It was almost impossible to do however.

Shane was an executive in WWE and could have been fine with this and this alone, but both he and Stephanie McMahon felt they should get in the ring and prove themselves. Shane felt this more than Stephanie it seems, but despite that, both went all out and proved how much they loved the WWE. When Shane came back, it was already sealed that Vince McMahon would want to find a way to reel his son back into the company in some way, but he was not having success in doing so.

New Day tome machine
image via WWE

According to a variety of reports, though, Shane has been backstage in production and has even been asked about the show each week and what he might recommend for it on certain occasions. Now, according to Daily Wrestling News, he has a say in creative. Apparently, Shane McMahon was the one who came up with New Day’s time machine segment this past week on WWE RAW. While it was a simple segment, the angle was pretty funny and got people talking, which was the purpose.

Many believe that Shane McMahon has a good mind that WWE would be foolish to not use whenever they can. His opinion has been asked about a lot of things, and it does seem like he is having a say at what we see each Monday night. While he is by no means running the creative team or the show for real, the fact that he is being asked about things is interesting. On top of that, he is now coming up with segment ideas.

It seems that Shane McMahon has truly fallen back in love with the pro-wrestling scene, but many believe the love of it never left him. The reason he left was simple: he felt that he should move to the next stage of his career, and his father thought differently. This forced Shane to go out and do business outside of WWE. He was very successful away from the company, and he now comes back to WWE with all of this experience that WWE can use.

Shane Stephanie
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It would be crazy for them to not use this experience, which is why it seems that his opinion is valued. This could also be Vince McMahon’s way of trying to lure his son back in. Could Vince be trying to butter up his son so that he takes on a major executive role in the WWE? It looks like Stephanie McMahon and Triple H will control the WWE whenever Vince steps down from his current position.

While no one expects him to retire any time soon, he could become more of an adviser for WWE and remain a member of the board as well as remain majority owner. He could very well give up his WWE Chairman or CEO role to Stephanie sooner rather than later. Regardless, Stephanie is seemingly getting a promotion by 2017. Eventually, the other role will have to go to someone. Why can it not go to Shane McMahon?

While Triple H is clearly going to control the talent side of things and probably a large portion of the creative side, Stephanie would be the face of the business and run it. Shane could very well take on a major role eventually. Right now, though, Shane McMahon seems just fine with just throwing in his two cents when asked. This could change, but for now don’t expect any major announcement for Shane taking on a big WWE role.

[Image via WWE]