Erin Andrews 911 call: I’m being treated like Britney Spears and it’s not fair!

Audio of a 911 call ESPN’s Erin Andrews made when she spotted two members of the paparazzi outside her home has made its way online…via TMZ naturally.

Andrews, for those who missed the news, was secretly filmed naked in her hotel room recently with the footage making its way online. Many are claiming that the video was an inside job set up by one of her ESPN co-workers.

“I have been in the news recently about being in the hotel naked and I have paparazzi outside and I was told by law enforcement that if I did, to call 911,” Andrews told a 911 operator, before offering a description of the men. She then added “I did nothing wrong and I’m being treated like fucking Britney Spears and it sucks.”

The Erin Andrews 911 audio as follows: