Emily Ratajkowski On The Challenges Of Being A Sexy Feminist

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is opening up yet again about her staunch feminist beliefs. After making a name for herself in Robin Thicke’s controversial “Blurred Lines” music video and making her big acting debut in Gone Girl, she has become one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. However, she says that she has a hard time being taking seriously because of her looks.

Emily Ratajkowski is the latest cover girl for ES Magazine. In her cover story, she opened up about her thoughts on feminism, nude selfies, and that being a sex symbol has made it difficult for both her personal life and her career. Ratajkowski noticed the negative attention she has received ever since she went through puberty at the age of 11, which she revealed in great detail in Lena Dunham’s Lenny newsletter earlier this year.

“I started to realize that I was being perceived differently. Basically it was more about the way that people had a problem with a girl looking like a woman because it confused them, it made them feel uncomfortable and I think there was a lot of guilt that they wanted to induce.”

Fortunately, her looks have catapulted her into fame. Emily has become a successful model because of it. But the 24-year-old says that it’s hard for her to break into the acting world.

“It’s an interesting paradox. If you’re a sexy actress it’s hard to get serious roles. You get offered the same thing they’ve seen you in. People are like sheep and they’re like, ‘Oh, that’s what she does well.’ What’s so dumb is that women are 50 per cent of the population and they want to spend money to see movies where they’re portrayed as three-dimensional characters.”

She also explained why she’s a feminist and what the word “feminism” means to her personally.

“Every woman, whether or not they’re comfortable with the term feminist, probably wants to be equal to men and that is fundamentally what feminism is about. I think that there is a stigma attached to the word, but to me it means talking about the way we look at women and how we judge women differently than how we judge men; also it is about paid maternity leave, equal pay for women.”

Her belief in feminism is why she supported Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie that several people and celebs slammed on social media back in March. Ratajkowski revealed that she’s still not cool with Piers Morgan’s comments about the reality star.

“[He was] talking about the fact that Kim is 34 and a mother and that we’re over seeing her in a sexual light, which I had a lot of problems with. He also implied that her husband [Kanye West] was writing her tweets, as if she isn’t capable of writing them herself, which to me is incredibly sexist.”

After Emily and Kim sent each other flowers, the two girls got together to take a topless selfie. In the photo, both of the starlets were seen giving the camera the middle finger.

Emily Ratajkowski didn’t just sit down for an interview with the magazine. She also posed in a sexy and stylish photo shoot. Emily flashed some major sideboob when she posed in a sheer black dress from Gucci’s 2016 Spring/Summer collection. The dress is completely sheer except for tiny black sequined dots, while the dress featured a red and white beaded snake embroidered on the back.

On the black-and-white cover of the magazine is where she shines. Ratajkowski is seen wearing pearl dangle earrings and a white robe over a black one-piece swimsuit. Her hair is styled slick and wet in all of the new photos.

Read the full interview on ESMagazine, on newsstands now. What are your thoughts on Emily Ratajkowski’s interview and photo shoot? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]