‘Teen Mom 2’ Adam Lind Says ‘Aubree’s Last Name Will Not Change,’ Then Stands Her Up At At Father-Daughter Dance

Teen Mom 2 Adam Lind and daughter Aubree

The custody battle between Adam Lind and Chelsea Houska of Teen Mom 2 for the care of their daughter, Aubree, has been heated over the years. With Chelsea Houska preparing to get married to Cole DeBoer, fans have to wonder how things will change for Aubree. Will she keep Lind as her last name? Will it be changed to DeBoer, or will Chelsea opt for hyphenating the two last names instead?

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It was on a recent episode of Teen Mom 2 that Chelsea started talking about wanting to change her daughter’s last name to match her husband’s instead of continuing to use Lind. According to The Star Glam, the Teen Mom 2 mother even reached out to an attorney to talk about the name change. The attorney told Chelsea changing the last name of her daughter would be next to impossible at this point in time.

According to the attorney Houska saw, Adam Lind would need to give permission for the name chance. The attorney suggested waiting until she and Cole have children to try to change Aubree’s name then. Once Chelsea has children with Cole, it would be easy to argue the issues of Aubree feeling secluded because she has a different last name.

Chelsea is also tossing around the idea of hyphenating Aubree’s last name – so that it is Lind-DeBoer – if changing the name completely ends up not being an option.

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Until recently, Adam has not had much to say about Aubree’s name. The Star Glam reported that Adam told them he would never change Aubree’s name.

“Aubree will ALWAYS be Aubree Lind, her last name will not change.”

Legally, Chelsea needs Adam Lind’s permission to change Aubree’s name from Lind to DeBoer. Based on the statement Adam made, it does not appear he is budging on the issue.

“After we’re married and have kids, we’re all obviously going to have the same last name. It’s just going to suck that Aubree… It’s almost like something is separating us because we’re going to have different last names. I want her to be a part of our family.”

Just recently, Adam Lind stood his daughter up for a father-daughter dance.

Chelsea asked her daughter if she still wanted to go to the father-daughter dance if Lind never called back. Aubree confirmed that she still wanted to go to the dance and would go with only Cole if her father, Adam, didn’t respond.

Aubree went on to tell her mother she wanted both Adam Lind and her future stepfather, or “other daddy,” as she referred to him to go to the dance.

Aubree then told her mother how she wants both Lind and her future stepfather to attend the dance because he’s her “other daddy.”

When it was time for the father-daughter dance, Houska had to tell her daughter that Lind had not made any contact with her about the school function. Instead, it was Cole DeBoer who attended the dance with Aubree.

Radar Online reported that Adam Lind claims to be a changed man after years of being in trouble with the law. Lind has recently purchased his own home, and he is currently pursuing a career as a personal trainer.

Just two days ago, the “changed man” as Lind describes himself posted a picture of himself and Aubree having lunch at her school. In the caption of the photo he shared just two days ago Adam Lind says, “Surprised aubs and had lunch with her at her school.”

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The Houska family, however, reports a different story and claims Lind is still a very troubled father.

“Must suck having to help pay to raise a child after six years,” was the response Aubree’s grandfather and Chelsea’s father, Randy, had when Adam Lind was complaining about a recent raise in child support.

Do you think Adam Lind has the right to stop Chelsea from changing Aubree’s last name or do you think Chelsea shouldn’t be changing her name?

If you are interested in keeping up with Adam Lind and Chelsea, you can watch Teen Mom 2 Season 7 on Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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