Michelle Pugh #2: Woman Mistaken For Ozzy Osbourne’s Mistress Speaks Out

Michelle Pugh is Ozzy Osbournes rumored mistress

Michelle Pugh is the name of the woman rumored to have had an affair with Ozzy Osbourne, but there’s more than one Michelle Pugh in the world. A 42-year-old nail technician from Tacoma, Washington, named Michelle Pugh has been repeatedly harassed by haters, who blame her for the demise of Ozzy’s 33-year marriage to Sharon Osbourne. In an interview with Us Weekly, Michelle Pugh #2 said the online attacks against her have been hard to take.

“It has been really surreal,” the “other” Michelle Pugh said. “I wasn’t offended by the messages, because I knew they weren’t for me, but it was quite a hassle for a few days there. The messages were mostly name calling; things you would expect from fans of a female celebrity they love who was wronged! I just deleted them as they came in, I figured it would just be a few, but they kept coming!”

In fact, Michelle Pugh told TMZ she received hundreds of messages with some of the haters calling her names like “whore” and “home wrecker.” Pugh had to block and delete the harassers, and it has hurt her online presence as she tries to build her nail tech business.

The Michelle Pugh involved in the Osbourne scandal has worked as a hair colorist at the high-end Meche Salon in Beverly Hills for a decade. Sharon Osbourne and her daughters are longtime Meche clients who “angrily” called the salon after The Talk co-host read romantic emails between her husband and Pugh. Pugh was reportedly fired from the salon, after 10 years of employment, in the aftermath of the alleged affair. But while the California Michelle Pugh’s association with Ozzy ended her Meche career, the Washington Michelle Pugh is dealing with her own career drama.

“The biggest inconvenience has been the hijacking of Internet search results away from the online education platform I am building for nail artists called the University of Nails,” Pugh 2 told Us. “It will take me months to rebuild the search engine optimization that this has thrown askew. I’ll have to add my prior name back in for probably another year now!”

The two Michelle Pughs have never spoken, and the nail tech Michelle says she has had no contact with the Osbournes. It sounds like she just wants her name back!

As for the Michelle Pugh at the center of the Ozzy scandal, she initially called out of work when news of the celeb split first broke. Pugh’s Meche boss revealed that the stylist called into the salon to say she had a “personal emergency” to deal with, but TMZ spotted Pugh reporting back to work a few days later. According to Us, at some point, the salon decided to part ways with their top colorist, who worked for 10 years at the celebrity hotspot. Pugh’s photo and bio still remain on the Meche website.

Meanwhile, Page Six reported that Ozzy Osbourne has ended his six-month affair with Michelle Pugh because Sharon is his “whole life” and “he can’t manage without her.” Unfortunately, the Black Sabbath frontman may have to find a way to live without her, because Sharon seems to have had enough and is reportedly considering filing for divorce.

Michelle Pugh #2 has done more talking than the actual Michelle Pugh at the center of the scandal. Maybe at some point, she’ll open up to tell her side of the story, but for now, the real Michelle Pugh is lying low.

Take a look at the video below for more on Michelle Pugh.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]