Black Lives Matter Leader, Once Invited To The White House, Arrested For Pimping Under-Age Girl

Black Lives Matter leader arrested

A leader of the Black Lives Matter movement who was recently invited to the White House has been arrested for pimping an underage girl, The Daily Caller is reporting.

The suspect, Charles Wade, is also the co-founder of Operation Help or Hush, a group that claims to provide food and shelter for activists who march at Black Lives Matter events. But as The Daily Caller noted, a police report reveals that Wade was arrested on April 25 for pimping the girl, 17, in a motel room.

He was discovered after an undercover police detective contacted a web site frequented by sex traffickers and prostitutes. The detective set up a meeting, which turned out to be at a motel. When the detective opened the door to the correct room, a white girl let him in. She informed police that Wade was her manager, according to The Daily Caller. When she informed Wade that she was underage, she claims he was not bothered because “you only have five months left until you’re 18 so I’m not worried.”

Black Lives Matter
Wade has been charged with felony human trafficking, as well as six other counts. He had been “featured in numerous news articles about the Black Lives Matter movement” and was even invited to a White House function this week “to a movie screening with other Black Lives Matter activists,” said The Daily Caller.

Wade was also included in a major profile of Black Lives Matter in The Washington Post last year.

The Post reported that, immediately after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Wade started raising money on his Twitter account to provide food and shelter for those who joined the Black Lives Matter protests — as much as $25,000 in one week.

“On one occasion,” the Post recalled, “after putting out a call on Twitter for help for protesters who needed gas money, Wade stood in the parking lot of Andy Wurm Tire & Wheel handing out $20 bills.”

“There’s very little we’ve actually gotten for Ferguson except for it to be known nationally,” he said. This quote closed out the lengthy Post profile on Black Lives Matter.

Gateway Pundit reported that in November 2014, Wade joined with other Black Lives Matter leaders in raising their fists at the United Nations.

On the May 19 edition of Fox New’s The O’Reilly Factor, it was noted that Wade was also positively profiled on CBS News.

Analyst Geraldo Rivera said that Wade “doesn’t seem to be in the leadership of BLM, Black Lives Matter… He’s kind of a race hustler, and if these charges are true, then he’s a gross hypocrite.”

Rivera recalled that when he was a young lawyer working for civil rights groups and anti-war activists, “We had special contempt for what we called ‘poverty pimps.’ A ‘poverty pimp’ is someone who enriched themselves as they raised money. Now, this guy raised $25,000 a week, sometimes on Twitter. Where that money went there’s no accountability. It’s all in cash, we don’t really know if he was lining his own pockets. But he did opportunistically go where the action was.”

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