CBS Schedule: Can Any Network Knock Them Off The Top?

To say that the CBS schedule is powerful is a drastic understatement? Despite this week being one of the biggest weeks for television, it is hard to imagine anyone’s fall schedule knocking CBS out of the top spot as America’s number one network. With all of the upfronts finished, is it possible that NBC, ABC, Fox, or The CW has a chance this coming fall? The short answer is not likely.

If you have been paying attention to the May sweeps, you can understand how each of the networks will need a major bump in the fall schedules to even dent the stranglehold CBS has on network television. As a matter of fact, it seems most of the other networks at this point are shooting for just the 18-49 demographic.

TV By the Numbers released the ratings for the week of May 9-15. Needless to say, CBS gave a resounding beat down to the competition. For all viewers, CBS took 15 of the top 25 spots including four of the top five. NCIS continued its dominance by taking both first (NCIS) and third (NCIS: New Orleans). The Big Bang Theory was sandwiched between them continuing its reign as America’s number one comedy again this year.

So, what do the other networks have in store for CBS come this fall?


The ABC schedule this fall consists of five new series Conviction, American Housewife, Speechless, Designated Survivor, and Notorious. It’s hard to tell if any of the new shows will break into the top 25, but with Grey’s Anatomy and Dancing With the Stars both returning, ABC should not lose any ground. Saturday Night Football is sure to help in the fall and winter months.

The CW

In the surprise that wasn’t a surprise at all, The CW picked up CBS’s Supergirl for its fall schedule. TV Guide broke down what is happening on The CW. Considering how closely Supergirl ties into the current CW lineup, it would be interesting to see why Supergirl wasn’t there to begin with. This coupled with the addition of Riverdale, a modern take on Archie Comics, has the CW requiring heavily on properties who got their beginning in comic books.

Image via CBS

Along with Riverdale, The CW will add new shows Frequency and No Tomorrow. The CW is not out to compete with CBS. The are definitely entrenched in a younger demographic, and they seem perfectly pleased where they are. However, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural are both getting pretty long in the tooth so this could be the last year they rely on those two shows.


The Fox schedule for this fall is not a lot different than last year’s. Fox is just adding three new shows. Lethal Weapon and The Exorcist are both reimaginings of movies from quite some time ago. Son of Zorn is the other newcomer. Fox seems to be leaning on a more mature audience for its scripted shows.

The stable that Fox will lean on could be drawing to a close, and it could leave the network schedule looking drastically different in the years to come. The Simpsons, Bones, and Family Guy continue to hold their own, but the fate of Bones has already been determined.


NBC is picking up three new shows this fall. Timeless, This is Us, and The Good Place will be joining a stable of shows that centers on Chicago. As dramas go, NBC garners a pretty healthy lineup.

Image via NBC

NBC will own Sundays in the fall again this year. NBC’s Sunday Night Football will most likely continue its reign throughout the season. The end of the season doesn’t look so great, but NFL Football usually more than makes up for it.

It’s hard to imagine with the shows announced that the CBS schedule has anything to worry about. Despite that, CBS is also picking up four new shows in the fall, as well as continuing their coverage of the NFL on Thursday Nights.

What do you think of the this falls show? Do you think anyone can topple the CBS schedule?

[Image via CBS]