‘Final Fantasy XV’: Square Enix To Release 10,000 Additional Ultimate Collector’s Editions

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Are you anxiously awaiting the release of Final Fantasy XV? Have you been unsuccessful in pre-ordering the Ultimate Collector’s Edition? If so, you might be in luck.

Square Enix has announced that they will be releasing an additional 10,000 units of the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition, but they were very specific in how the available units will be given out. Originally, Square Enix had only made 30,000 units of the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition available. It was first unveiled during the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event that took place on March 30 of this year. Retailing at $269.99, the bundle carries more than the standard game.

Perhaps the most notable and exciting inclusion of the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition is the PLAY ARTS -KAI- Noctis action figure, a detailed piece of the main protagonist holding an Ultimate Edition-exclusive weapon. It also comes with a hardcover 192-page art book, exclusive steel book, the Brotherhood anime, special soundtrack, in-game downloadable content, and the Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive movie. Unfortunately, where you live might determine how you’ll be able to get your hands on such a collection.

According to Siliconera, Square Enix stated that they will be releasing the additional units differently depending on location. For those living in North and South America, the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition will be available based on the order of those who are on the waiting list.

The same will be done for fans in France, and the process will work the same way. Fans in the EU region, minus France, will be able to jump onto the Square Enix store and try to secure their Collector’s Edition units on a first come, first served basis. Square Enix has stated that gamers in Australia and New Zealand will be able to pre-order their own Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition, though details in regard to this will be announced at a later time.

After the Uncovered event, it was clear that the Ultimate Collector’s Edition would be a hot item. Allegedly, only thirty minutes had passed before pre-order was no longer available on the Square Enix store. There is also a Deluxe Edition of Final Fantasy XV that fans can pre-order, though it contains significantly less than its pricier option. It retails at $89.99 and includes the steel book and Kingsglaive Blu-ray DVD. If you’re not interested in the action figure and anime, then this option works just as well.

The Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition is a Square Enix online store exclusive, meaning that no retailers will carry it. According to Ubergizmo, the additional 10,000 units will begin their circulation on May 23 at 9 a.m. For the fans who are lucky enough to be in the appropriate place on the waiting list, it’s been reported that an e-mail will be sent to them. The email will contain a private link to allow the individual to pre-order the Ultimate Collector’s Edition, though such an option comes with a couple of downsides.

Unfortunately, it has not been guaranteed that any of the additional Final Fantasy XV Collector’s Edition bundles will arrive on the game’s release date, September 30 of this year. In addition, the private link for pre-order will only be valid for 48 hours. After the 48 hours has expired, the Ultimate Collector’s Edition will be made available to the next person on the waiting list. Needless to say, fans should be checking their email frequently around May 23 in order to ensure that they get their hands on the coveted bundle.

How do you feel about Square Enix’s method in granting access to the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Image Via Square Enix]