Angelina Jolie, Fragile At 79 Lbs, Battles Brad Pitt Over Career & Co-Star: Fears Same Fate As Jennifer Aniston?

Joanne Eglash

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt relationship problems have reportedly existed for months, with signs ranging from her rapid weight loss to a fragile 79 pounds to increasing rumors of his flirtations with co-stars on his movie sets. And now, amid a new report that Jolie and Pitt were arguing over whose career should take priority, comes the news that Brad has exited from Top Gear, according to Design & Trend's sources.

Pitt had initially been viewed as the ideal person for show's return. But when Brad abruptly changed his mind, Top Gear was left in shambles. As to why the famous actor would leave a show in the lurch?

"They're at war over who's looking after the kids since that agreement got blown out the window with her desire to turn her directing career into a success after several failures. This is tearing them apart, but Brad's got no choice."

"Angie has some serious dark demons that have never entirely let go and it is still affecting her life and marriage," revealed one friend. "Her wild lifestyle when she was younger and her intense surgeries to avoid getting breast and ovarian cancer have taken a toll on her as a person and a life partner."

"It can be really hard on him. He feels he has been more than patient with Angie, but his confidence in their happiness is wearing thin," added the friend.

Adding to the problems in their marriage, Angelina is jealous that Pitt spends so much time with actress Marion Cotillard, according to an insider cited by Hollywood Life, which describes Jolie as "wasting away" over her husband's affair, weighing only 79 pounds.

"The resentment has been eating away at Angelina. She's prone to think that since she was once Brad's co-star and seduced him away from his wife, the same will happen to her."

"He will be the one to file. He's fed up with her controlling ways, her obstinateness when it comes to listening to him about her health issues and how she needs to slow down and now her outright jealousy when it comes to other women," added the source.

As to parallels to Pitt's marriage and divorce from Jennifer Aniston, that drama began in 2004 when Brad started working on the 2005 movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith and became intimately acquainted with the woman who would become his girlfriend and then his wife, Angelina, as the Inquisitr reported.

Pitt and Jolie reportedly began their relationship during that film, with Brad subsequently confessing that he "fell in love" with Angelina on the movie set. He divorced Aniston by fall 2005, and Jolie announced her pregnancy with his child in January 2006.

Will Angelina suffer the same fate as Jennifer? Post your thoughts below.

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