Kelly Ripa Forced To Take Pay Cut? Becomes Television’s Newest Eligible Bachelorette

The recent events between Kelly Ripa and her co-host Michael Strahan, have caused some bad blood and apparent bad behavior by Kelly, who has a 26-year relationship with Live! Since the lively and bubbly television host discovered her co-host was leaving her to join another morning show, Ripa has been quite livid and apparently has not hidden her disappointment very well.

Rumors have now surfaced that due to her bad behavior behind the scenes at the morning talk show, Ripa will be expected to take a pay cut. Gossip Cop relays the claims being made about the cut that Ripa is apparently expected to take.

“Kelly Ripa is being forced to ‘take a massive pay cut,’ claims one of this week’s tabloids. The report further alleges ‘ABC is rethinking its 26-year relationship with Kelly’ after supposed behind-the-scenes ‘bad behavior’ by Ripa following the ‘Live’ host being blindsided by Michael Strahan’s departure for ‘Good Morning America.'”

As GC shares, a supposed insider relayed information to the tabloid about Kelly’s current situation.

“[ABC’s] going to slash her $20 million yearly salary to $10 million. It’s obvious to execs that Kelly’s ego has gotten out of control. She’s been acting like a big diva and overplayed her hand this time by not showing up to work after it was announced Michael was leaving.”

The tabloid’s insider also states that ABC feels that Ripa has not acted properly, stating that they believe she has acted “extremely unprofessional.”

The apparent source who has the inside scoop on how ABC views Kelly since the falling out between she and Michael, goes on to share that the network is “prepared to play tough” with Kelly, but it’s also ready to “go on without Kelly should she not sign her new contract.” The alleged source also goes as far to say that ABC would be content “if Kelly didn’t come back, because they could get someone else to fill her shoes for a lot less.”

The dramatic bit of news comes as a shock since Kelly has been such a big part of the program. However, no need to be shocked by it, as the celebrity gossip policing site has proven all to be untrue. The ABC network reps confirm that no one is seeking to sign Ripa to a new contract for less money. The star is in no jeopardy of being replaced, either.

Ripa’s first week without Strahan next to her was actually a very eventful one while Kelly became ABC’s most eligible bachelorette once again. Kelly hosted alongside a number of various men who brought with them various personalities from the joker to the charmer.

The New York Daily News chats about one co-host the Live! audience saw this week: funny man Jimmy Kimmel.

“Kimmel offered some much needed therapy to the recently heartbroken Ripa, even lending her an ear to vent to about all the Strahan drama ‘from the beginning.’ Laughter is certainly the key to a girl’s heart, but Kimmel stole the spotlight from Ripa with his rapid-fire wisecracks a little more often than she’d probably enjoy on a full-time basis.”

Kimmel, however, admitted that he’s likely nothing more than a rebound for Kelly.

“I’m like an ex-boyfriend you go back to for sex after you break up with your husband.” Seeing as he has his own late night show that’s filmed in Los Angeles, while Live! is filmed in New York, a rebound seems as though it’s really all the relationship can be.

Additional co-hosts this week included Cedric the Entertainer, Jussie Smolett, David Muir, and Daniel Dae Kim. As NY Daily News notes, it may be wise for Kelly Ripa to look outside the ABC family for her new co-host.

[Photo by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP]