Elijah Wood Says Child Abuse Is Widespread And Organized In Hollywood

Elijah Wood told a UK publication, the Sunday Times, that “convicted pedophiles [are] working openly in Hollywood” and are molesting child actors regularly.

Wood was recounting his childhood when he began acting in Hollywood at the age of 8. He indicated that there was a persistent culture of sexual abuse going on at the time.

Although he is now 35, he says “these things are probably still happening.”

Incidents of pedophilia were not isolated or incidental. According to Time Magazine, Woods claims that the abuse was “organized,” indicating that multiple people were involved in the misconduct and in hiding it.

Elijah was never a victim himself, thanks to his protective mother, but he claims that more than a few of his childhood colleagues were habitually molested.

“Jesus, it must have been devastating,” he stated.

Elijah Wood’s revelations of Hollywood sex abuse are not the first such allegations to have been raised. Elijah starred in the 1993 film The Good Son alongside Macauley Culkin. That same year, accusations arose that Michael Jackson had molested as many as 17 young boys, including five who were child actors. Culkin was allegedly one of the victims.

Culkin vehemently denies that anything happened, and the court eventually found the allegations were fabricated by witnesses for a fee from a tabloid press broker according to CNN. While Macauley’s claims do not back up Elijah’s assertions, actor Corey Feldman could be a corroborating source.

Elijah Wood’s allegations of rampant sex abuse and a culture of allowing and hiding it sound strikingly similar to the claims made by Corey Feldman in his book, Coreyography.

According to the Daily Mail, Feldman claims that in 1993, then aged 22, he told police of sexual abuse from “older men in Hollywood.” He even named the men who had molested him for years as a child. According to Feldman, authorities did nothing.

Radar Online reports that the ’93 interview was in connection with the Michael Jackson sex abuse case and that police were too focused on that to open an investigation into Feldman’s allegations.

Further supporting Elijah Wood’s allegations of organized sex abuse are statements in Coreyography that fellow actor Corey Haim was victim to the crimes.

Radar states, “At some point during the filming [of Lucas], he explained an adult male convinced him that it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys in the business to have sexual relations, that it was what all ‘guys do.'”

Feldman’s confessions further solidify the alleged cultivation of a culture of pedophilia in Hollywood. Fear is used to control the young children, according to Corey.

Elijah Wood echoes that sentiment of fear, telling the Sunday Times, “That’s the tragedy of attempting to reveal what is happening to innocent people. They can be squashed, but their lives have been irreparably damaged.”

Sexual abuse outside of Hollywood follows a similar pattern of instilling fear in children to keep them quiet or to brainwash them that the abuse is normal. In Hollywood, the threats are a bit more material in that a young actor’s career is on the line. In addition to child actors wanting to succeed in the industry, they have parental and peer pressure adding to the issue.

Elijah Wood’s claims of sex abuse also add fuel to the fire of conspiracy theorists who have long stated that the entertainment industry actively participates in ritualistic pedophilia. According to American Free Press, Hollywood has long used drugs and other control mechanisms to “handle” and abuse young actors and actresses. Joan d’Arc claims that Hollywood has a history of sexually molesting talent and that even Marilyn Monroe was victim to the exploitation. Joan d’Arc believes that much of the upper echelon in Hollywood is part of the Illuminati and that ritualistic sex is part and parcel of their practices.

While Elijah Wood’s sexual abuse claims do not seem to indicate any connection to the Illuminati or any other fringe conspiracy, if true, they appear to show that there is a concerted conspiracy to cover up what has happened or is currently happening.

Since Wood admits that he was never a victim of the abuse, it is not likely that his accusations will be investigated. In crimes such as this, it usually takes a victim speaking up before authorities take note and open investigations.

Whether or not Elijah Wood’s assertions will land him in hot water in Hollywood remains to be seen. Since he did not accuse anyone by name, he will probably not face any repercussions that affect his career, but if industry leaders decide to blacklist him, he might have to turn to independent filmmaking for future projects.

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