‘Asteroid Buster’ UFO Took Down Huge Fireball Over Northeast U.S., Conspiracy Theorists Claim [Video]

UFO hunters have made the bizarre claim that analysis of video footage showing a huge fireball that streaked over the skies of Northeast U.S. on May 17, 2016, reveals that two objects entered the Earth’s atmosphere on May 17, 2016, and not one as widely thought.

The presence of a second smaller object was confirmed by the American Meteor Society (AMS). But AMS insisted that the second object was a fragment of the bigger object.

However, UFO hunters claim that the second object appears to have been an “asteroid buster” alien UFO that zoomed in on the huge fireball and impacted on it. The mystery object deployed by “friendly aliens” blasted the huge fireball to pieces to prevent a catastrophic impact with Earth, according to conspiracy theorists.

Although most witnesses in Northeast U.S. — mostly in Maine — reported seeing only a single huge fireball streaking across the skies and disintegrating in a spectacular explosion at about 12:50 a.m. EDT (4:50 UT), the American Meteor Society confirmed that two objects, not one, entered the Earth’s atmosphere on May 17, 2016, over the Northeast U.S.

UFO conspiracy theorists immediately seized upon the information, claiming that the second, smaller object was, in fact, an alien UFO that homed in on the threatening space rock and blasted it to pieces.

AMS says that it received more than 700 reports from witnesses across Northeast U.S. on May 17, 2016. Reports came mostly from Maine, but the fireball was also seen over New Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

There were also reports of sightings from Ontario and Quebec in Canada.

According to YouTube conspiracy theorist Nemesis Maturity in a video uploaded online on May 19, 2016, it is clear from the footage that two objects entered the Earth’s atmosphere: a large glowing object and a smaller one that appeared to follow the larger object in its trajectory over Northeast U.S.

The smaller object eventually hit the larger object at the moment it appeared it would impact and cause major devastation.

The impact caused the massive explosion witnesses reported seeing across the region, conspiracy theorists claim.

Footage uploaded online by AMS on May 17, captured by a security camera at the Burlington International Airport, South Burlington, Vermont, appears to show a second, smaller object trailing the huge fireball. It shows the fireball exploding as it plunges earthward.

Nemesis Maturity reports that after UFO researchers analyzed the footage, they concluded the second object may have been an alien UFO that impacted on the threatening rock and blasted it to pieces before it could crash to Earth.

“The meteorite that exploded over Northeastern US was hit by an unknown object causing it to explode before it crashed down…”

Although many UFO enthusiasts supported the apparently far-fetched conclusion, several skeptics ridiculed UFO hunters.

“What a bunch of b*lls**t, that was just a fragment of the rock that disintegrated during entry.”

“The ‘extraterrestrials’ are very far away and have better things to do…”

“Hit by extraterrestrials? I knew you stupid Americans were stupid but I didn’t know how stupid you really were until I see this joke…”

This is not the first time that conspiracy theorists have claimed bizarrely that there are alien UFOs in space watching over Earth to take out asteroids and comets threatening human civilization.

The Inquisitr reported in February that UFO hunters BPEarthWatch announced to members of the online UFO community that video evidence proves that asteroid 2012 DA14 that approached Earth — at a grazing distance of 17,200 miles — a few hours after the Chelyabinsk meteor incident on February 15, 2016, was an “asteroid buster” UFO stationed in space by “friendly aliens” who watch over Earth to take out threatening asteroids.

However, NASA scientists said at the time that the flyby of asteroid 2012 DA14 a few hours after the Chelyabinsk meteor impacted was a coincidence. But UFO conspiracy theorists dismissed NASA’s “coincidence theory” as implausible, saying that careful analysis of radar images show that DA14 was an artificial satellite that took out the threatening space rock and then flew close to Earth to confirm it had completed the job.

According to UFO hunters, the radar images show an elongated and hollow artificial object remarkably similar to the mysterious two-meter WT1190F UFO — nicknamed “WTF UFO” — that entered Earth’s atmosphere on November 13, 2015, and crashed into the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sri Lanka.

While BPEarthWatch argued that asteroid 2012 DA14 was a military UFO parked in space by “friendly aliens” to watch over Earth, some UFO hunters claimed it could be part of a top-secret planetary defense project implemented by the U.S. government in collaboration with other countries, such as the EU, Russia, or even China.

[Photo by The CrimsonMonkey/Getty Images]