Idiot Thief Thwarted By One Way Door [Video]

Todd Rigney - Author

Jun. 15 2013, Updated 8:50 p.m. ET

Idiot thief James Allan’s attempted burglary of a convenience store in the United Kingdom ended spectacularly when the would-be criminal was flummoxed by the shop’s one-way door. According to the Oxford Mail, Allan’s inability to navigate this simple contraption prompted the store’s manager to help him escape. A video of the debacle has now been made available to the public.

Allan, who was immediately recognized as a regular customer, had attempted a similar robbery on the same establishment ten days prior to this March 2 engagement. During his more recent burglary, the thief brandished a toy gun and demanded all of the cash from the till. Satisfied with his actions, Allan then pulled off his balaclava before dashing towards the exit.

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The problem, of course, was that Allan couldn’t properly navigate the one-way door. Try as he might, the portal just wouldn’t open. Instead of using the other exit, the thief kicked out a pane of glass, an action which sent the guy toppling backwards into a display loaded with bottles. The manager eventually helped the 28-year-old escape the scene of the crime. He was picked up three hours later by authorities.

Allan, who cried during his arrest, explained that he was forced to rob the convenience store by drug dealers. Apparently the thief needed some quick cash, and this was the only way he knew how to obtain it.

“Clearly Allan’s actions show that he isn’t cut out for a career in crime, due to the way in which he was apprehended. He now has time to think about these actions while serving his sentence in prison,” Inspector Mark Johns explained to the Oxford Mail.

For his incredibly poor attempt at burglary, James Allan will spend the next three years behind bars. The rest of the world, meanwhile, will pass around this video of an idiot thief and his encounter with an obstinate one-way door.


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