California Mother, Claudia Reyes, Goes Missing Without A Trace

A California mother is now missing without a trace. People shared that Claudia Reyes has not been seen for over a week after her husband dropped her off at a McDonald’s and said she got into a vehicle with a friend. She was last seen by anyone else on May 6 when her landlord said that he saw her with her husband. Claudia Reyes didn’t show up for her shift at El Pollo Loco the next day, and this is not normal for her, which started everyone being concerned.

Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna shared that Claudia Reyes is the mother of a 4-year-old son. He explained that Claudia talks to her mother regularly, and she hasn’t heard from her either. Claudia has family in El Salvador, and none of them have had contact with her since she went missing on May 6. One surprising thing is that Claudia Reyes didn’t contact her mom or son on Mother’s Day.

Right now, finding Claudia Reyes is priority and police are even dropping other cases to focus on locating her. Eddy Reyes said he last saw his wife on May 7, which is one day after the landlord last saw her. Reyes’ attorney, Marlin Stapleton, explained that last sighting.

“He dropped her off at a McDonald’s in Santa Ana. He saw her get into a black SUV. He saw the driver and she was a female. That is all he could tell us. He said he could see other people but he couldn’t tell because the windows were tinted.”

A lot of people are questioning why Eddy Reyes didn’t report his wife missing right away, but he is blaming the fact that he got bad advice from a family attorney. The lawyer shared the details.

“When she recently went missing he called his family law attorney right away and asked him to call her lawyer to find out if they had heard anything from her and no one had. So he said he wanted to make a report and the attorney told him to hold off because she had been missing before.”

Eddy Reyes did speak with detectives, but at first, he refused to do so. One thing that they are concerned about is the fact that Claudia Reyes had two different Facebook accounts. Stapleton explained it.

“All we know is she had at least two Facebook accounts one of those accounts was secretive where he was not allowed to access it and has no idea what activity was taking place on that account. She had another Facebook account that was in her married name that he was able to look at. We provided that information to investigators and hopefully that is where they will find some answers.”

Right now, Eddy Reyes is not a suspect in the disappearance of Claudia Reyes. The couple was going through a divorce not long ago, but they had worked it out. Police had also been to the Reyes’ house for nine domestic disturbance calls, but they never arrested either of them.

KTLA shared that Claudia Reyes had filed a restraining order against Eddy Reyes in the past. This happened back in August of 2014, which is around the same time that they filed for divorce, but never got it. Three weeks after filing it, Claudia requested that it be dismissed. In the protective order request, Claudia Reyes said that her husband had been physical with her and had forced himself on her sexually. Claudia also said that her son would wake up at night scared. Hopefully, Claudia Reyes will be found safe and alive.

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