Bernie Sanders Is Going To Win, Hillary Clinton Probably Guilty Of Espionage [Report]

WSJ also reflected on what would happen if charges were leveled against Clinton after she became the nominee. Apparently “the Democratic leadership could move to replace her on the ticket.” However, Hillary would have to agree to resign. She would then be replaced “either by a snap convention or by the Democratic National Committee acting on the party’s behalf.”

Clinton and her husband have pressed through many scandals before, so many suspect that the former First Lady will press on for as long as she can, even as thunder clouds continue to gather and loom.

“Mrs. Clinton wouldn’t give up easily—she and her husband have brazenly pressed through previous scandals.”

If a Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump race eventually manifests, it will be a race between two of the most disliked presidential candidates in American history, according to polls.

Huff Post argues that Bernie Sanders will triumph in the end because people “have become immune to the pandering and lies of politicians.” Bernie’s incredible insurgent campaign, and the momentum he has gathered since he began his presidential bid backed by a small Vermont grassroots movement, are said to be the latest manifestation of a populist energy that first exploded in the 1960s, beginning with that decade’s anti-corporate movements and civil rights activism.

“This is the simple reason why Bernie is going to win. There is a mass awakening happening on the planet right now and enough people have become immune to the pandering and lies of politicians that we are no longer susceptible to their manipulations and deceit. This started off with the movements of the 60s, morphed into the Occupy Movement and has spilled over into Bernie’s Campaign. Enough is enough.”

Should the Democrats move to make Bernie Sanders their candidate? Will Bernie Sanders be president?

[Photo by AP Photo/Jae C. Hong]