Justin Bieber And Calvin Harris: The World’s Best Kissers According To Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift

Justin Bieber and Calvin Harris throw the best kisses around. The two music artists share the title as best kisser, based on Instagram and Twitter. We can ask the women that Bieber and Harris have kissed or love to kiss, but that won’t even be necessary. Pictures speak a thousand words.

Like the picture above, which is currently the most shared photo on Instagram with 3.6 million likes and one million comments. In short, we can call it The Kiss of The Century. True, it isn’t a steamy kiss, but just the same, it speaks of young love and preserves a very tender moment that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will forever share in the time continuum.

They may not be together now in spirit, but it is definitely one that can be shared for posterity or maybe even for all eternity. Imagine looking at the same picture 70 or even 90 years from now. Who knows, Selena Gomez, all wrinkled up and with a shaky voice, can be sharing this picture with her children and her grandchildren. And the same goes for Justin Bieber, perhaps with a cane in hand and an old man’s reading glasses.

As a social networking tool, Instagram does a great job at preserving pictures, which are basically windows in time. A picture captures a moment in freeze-frame. It is the best evidence that someone has existed in time, unless of course, Photoshop is involved. In the hit movie Lucy, the heroine in the science fiction flick, played by Scarlett Johansson, poses the theory that the most important measure of existence is time itself.

Before we end up discussing all the highfalutin theories of the relativity of time, time warps, and black holes, let’s turn to our Exhibit B. And this time, we catch Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, smooching on a summer vacation. Notice something unusual or standing out in this picture?


Well, research shows that one of the telltale signs that a woman truly enjoys a kiss is when she instinctively lifts a leg from behind her, which is what Taylor Swift does exactly in this picture. Of course, we don’t know if Taylor was aware of her action. But as far as we can see, she does seem lost in the moment — and Calvin Harris, too, for that matter. There are no signs of Photoshopping either. So the verdict?

We take this picture as authentic and conclude that dance artist Calvin Harris has literally swept TaySwift off her feet. And all it took was one kiss. Need we say more?

Early on in his fantastic music career, Justin Bieber was asked if he considers himself a great kisser, and his quick and resounding answer was yes. Again, we put our stamp of authenticity on The Biebs’ statement. One, because he answered very quickly, and second, we didn’t catch him looking to the left as he uttered the statement.

Channeling our inner CSI, we, therefore, conclude that the young singer is fully convinced of his prowess in kissing arts. Xenia Deli, a model who recently worked with Bieber in the “What Do You Mean?” music video, also believes in Justin Bieber’s kissing skills, reports AZ Central.

Plus, we do have tons of evidence from Instagram showing that for the most part, the recipient of his kisses really appreciated Bieber’s timely gestures. The unmistakable evidence is that you can literally see a body twitch in the direction of the kiss. For people who want to learn and understand more about dishing out fantastic kisses, they can turn to Time’s kissing Bible.

Psychologically speaking, the said directional movement is the best indicator not only of helpless anticipation, but also the confirmed and gratuitous receipt of what is simultaneously a vortex and a cyclone of passion.

Definitely, Justin Bieber is an alumnus in the Kissing Arts department.

The “Beauty and the Beat” singer has definitely picked a thing or two from a beloved fairy tale where a hideous beast, nay, the bad spell for an entire kingdom is transformed by a sweeping kiss that seems to create ripples in time itself.

Next to singing, kissing is probably Justin Bieber’s other talent. As for Calvin Harris, expertise in the Kissing Arts department may help guarantee a long and fruitful relationship with Taylor Swift.

[Jason Kempin/Getty Images]