Cliff Lee to the Phillies

Unable to reach an agreement with Toronto for Pitcher Roy Halladay, the Philadelphia Phillies today traded for reining AL Cy Young award winner Cliff Lee. Cleary the Phillies are in a win now mode, while the Indians are looking to rebuild.

Before we get to all of that let us look at the details:

The Phillies get Lee, and OF Ben Francisco. While the Indians get Triple A pitching prospect Carlos Carrasco, Single A pitching prospect Jason Knapp, Catcher Lou Marson, and Short Stop Jason Donald.

While this is a power move that makes the Phillies the team to beat in the National League, it gives them four left handed pitchers. Cole Hammels remains the ace even while having a down year. Lee comes in with agin veteran Jamie Moyer, and JA Happ the other southpaws on the bump. Now Joe Blanton is the only righty on the starting staff and he will likely be the 2nd starter between Hammels and Lee.

Adding a pitcher of Lee’s stature to this club who arguably already ahve the nest lineup with Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, and Shane Victorino cleary takes the Phillies to another level. Let us not forget they have also signed Pedro Martinez to help this staff down the stretch run and in the playoffs.

This move also speaks well for the Indians future, even though this is the second year in a row they have traded away the reining AL CY young award winner. They got a legitimate pitcher in Carrasco that will likely break into their starting five in 2010 and they picked up Marson who will one day take over the starting catchers spot from Victor Martinez.

While it may be tough for Indians fans to swallow, the Cleveland front office cleary have a plan. That plan is to trade away their pieces that were unable to win a title and get as many prospects in return.