‘The Purge 3’ Releases Terrifying Political New Trailer [Video]

The Purge 3: Election Year has officially released its latest trailer that shows that the film is willing to go to great lengths to terrify an audience. It mirrors current events and could almost be mistaken for real life, given the right circumstances.

What The Purge 3 does is something that The Blair Witch Project also did way back in 1999. The Purge franchise is all about what life would be like if a new set of Founding Fathers had taken control of the U.S. government and used a lethal tactic to skew the stats and divide the country with class warfare, essentially weeding out the poor. Basically, it looks like it could really come true.

But in The Purge 3: Election Year, the real horror and tense action comes from the events just before the annual commencement of the Purge, which is where the politics come into play.

For those who have been dedicated fans of The Purge franchise, then you know all too well that is has been unclear at this point if America was still even a democracy in the films. But this new trailer, and also the name, proves that The Purge indeed still is and there are many different players in the government that will do anything to hold onto power.

For those who are new to The Purge franchise, then it is basically about an annual event that is held every year for 12 consecutive hours during the overnight. The event is called the Purge and it legalizes all crime, which includes murder. But the caveat to it is that no one is allowed to kill a member of the government or one of the New Founding Fathers.

The whole basis behind the Purge is that it is supposed to keep violent crime down to a minimum throughout the year and the stats have been skewed with one full night of murder and mayhem that takes place every year. Essentially, it’s a purge of everyone’s aggressions that can be released without repercussions or the threat of jail time.

For those who have been watching current events, then this election year has been a fierce battle on both sides of the aisle with extreme conservatism and extreme liberalism coming out on the primary presidential election stage.

This film holds strong ties to reality and mirrors it in more ways than one. It is likely not a coincidence that The Purge 3: Election Year is being released this summer, given the tense political environment.

The new Purge 3 trailer starts off with what appears to be a political ad, except it is the kind that people might see coming from a Super PAC that is trying to push an ideological agenda. It touts the success of the Purge and encourages other people to participate in it. It shows many different people from all walks of life, some of which are older and seem to be quite fragile. But they were all smiling and saying one thing: “I purged.”

The Purge 3: Election Year is solely centered around one woman who is running for office on the campaign platform of ending the violence and macabre nature of the Purge event. Her number one message to potential voters is getting rid of the annual Purge and returning life to the way it used to be before the purge legalized brutal violence and class warfare on a single night of the year.

Of course, as many can imagine, the New Founding Fathers are quite angry about her campaign platform and will stop at nothing to taker her out, especially on the night of the Purge, when they can do so legally.

The Purge 3: Election Year releases on the July 4th weekend this year.

[Image via Universal Pictures]