'Broken Promise:' Lifetime Teases With Story Of Teen Sweethearts Who Murder Homeowner On LMN

Broken Promise is the latest LMN movie that you'll want to catch this weekend. Known as Nightmare From The Past and Statute Of Limitations, Broken Promise introduces you to a teen couple who is involved in a murder after breaking into a mansion and killing the owner. To save his girlfriend, the young man takes the fall for his high school sweetheart. He stays in prison for 20 years but looks forward to his upcoming release so that he can find his long-lost love and take up where they left off. Broken Promise, a.k.a. Nightmare From The Past and Statute Of Limitations, is directed by Nadeem Soumah and written by Steven Palmer Peterson.

Broken Promise stars Lorynn York as Hali Gardner, Ashley Scott as Mina Gardner, Louis Mandylor as Reese Sinclair, Nick Baillie as Ben Gardner, Kinga Philipps as Amber, Angeline Appel as Young Mina, Mickey River as Young Reese, Jesse Gep as Covington, Michael Rene Walton as Vagabond, Kyler Porche as Derek, Mary T. Sala as Mayor, Sandra Valladares as Kelly, Justin Cone as Aiden, Josh Martinez as Caleb, and Kevin Interdonato as John Simmons.


Broken Promise Lifetime Movie Network Synopsis

Mina and Reese are high school sweethearts who are looking to have a bit of evening fun by spending time at a gorgeous mansion that Reese's uncle maintains. However, plans for a steamy night of passion at the mansion are destroyed after the homeowner catches them and fires one shot, injuring Reese in the leg. Believing that the homeowner is going to kill Reese, Mina finds a wooden plank and bludgeons the homeowner to death to save her boyfriend. Now, with the police on their way, Reese tells Mina to leave him at the scene while he thinks of a story to tell them. Time ticks by as Mina kisses Reese and promises to visit him every day if he goes to jail.

After his conviction, Reese spends his time working out and thinking of no one but Mina while she moves on and enjoys the good life in the suburbs in a mansion of her own. After 20 years, Reese is up for parole and is eventually released. Now, he heads to find Mina so they can rekindle their relationship. There's just one problem, Mina is now married with a child and has no interest in being with him. After a friendly meet-up, Mina tries to let him down easy. But, Reese is dangerous and not taking "no" for an answer. He begins stalking her family and is determined to kill her husband and daughter to take back his one and only true love.

Actor Louis Mandylor, according to LouisMandylor.com

"For close to two decades Australian-born Louis Mandylor has steadily worked in the highly competitive entertainment industry, where thousands strive but few thrive. A one-time professional boxer and soccer player turned accomplished actor and filmmaker, Mandylor has starred opposite such renowned talents, new and legendary, as Jeremy Renner, James Coburn, Burt Reynolds, Lainie Kazan, and Harvey Keitel. Mandylor has also recently garnered a reputation as an award-winning director and independent filmmaker following the establishment of his independent production company Krakatau Films."

Actress Ashley Scott's Bio, according to IMDB

"Ashley McCall Scott is an American actress and model. She was born on July 13, 1977 in Metairie, Louisiana, but raised in Charleston, South Carolina. She began her modeling career as a young girl. Ashley has appeared on the cover of the prestigious 'Hollywood Reporter' and has been tracked by photographers from such publications as 'WWD,' 'Us Weekly,' 'Vegas,' 'Salon,' 'Victim,' 'ShortHair'and 'Cosmo Girl' Her first screen credit was as 'Gigolo Jane' in the feature film, A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001). In 2001, she also broke into TV, when she was cast as Asha Barlow in the second season of FOX's hit sci-fi show, Dark Angel (2000)."

The two-hour movie thriller is produced by Formula Features and executive produced by Krishen Rangi. The music is by David Findlay with distribution by Daro. Do your best to watch Broken Promise this Sunday, May 22, at 8 p.m. on LMN.

Trailer for Broken Promises (Statute Of Limitations/Nightmare From The Past )

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