Teen Who Killed Girlfriend’s Parents To Be Released After Five Years

A teen who killed his girlfriend’s parents will be released from prison after serving only five years of his 28-year sentence. The boy, who was 13-years-old when the crime occurred, reportedly shot and killed Alan Nevil, 48, and his wife Darlene, 46, because they did not want him dating their daughter.

In the spring of 2009, Darlene Nevil welcomed her daughter into the home she shared with her husband Alan. One year later, the teen began dating a boy, who was known throughout the neighborhood as being troubled.

As reported by Daily Mail, the boy was exposed to a disturbing amount of violence within his own family. In addition to watching his mother endure domestic violence, the teen witnessed the murder of both his uncles. He was also a reported gang member, who began smoking marijuana when he was 10-years-old.

Due to the teen’s reputation, the Nevils did not approve of his budding relationship with their daughter.

A month before the murders, the girl ran away from her parents’ home. Although she eventually returned, she formulated a plan to arrange for the deaths of her mother and stepfather.

Authorities said the teen manipulated her boyfriend to murder her parents. When he hesitated, she told him she was pregnant with his child and was being sexually abused by her step-father. The teen then agreed to kill his girlfriend’s parents.

According to reports, the boy entered the Dallas residence on August 17, 2015, and shot Darlene Nevil from behind. The bullets struck her back and her head.

Although he was away from the house when his wife was killed, the boy shot Alan Nevil as soon as he walked in the door. Authorities said Alan was shot a total of five times, with one of the bullets striking him in the throat. As he was still alive, and the gun had jammed, the boy used the weapon to bludgeon his girlfriend’s step-father in the face and head.

When police arrived on scene, Darlene was pronounced dead. Although Alan was fatally wounded he managed to name his killer before he died.

Police officers immediately sought the teen for questioning. Washington Post reports the they found the boy having “celebratory sex” with the daughter of the couple he reportedly shot.

When questioned, the boyfriend and girlfriend admitted planning and committing the murders. The daughter told a detective, “when they took away my coloring books, I knew they had to die.” Her boyfriend said he shot the couple because that is what the girl asked him to do.

Through their attorneys, both teens agreed to plea deals and were subsequently convicted of capital murder. The boy and girl, who were not named, were sentenced to jail terms of 28 and 20 years respectively. They were both sent to juvenile detention centers to serve their time.

According to reports, the boy was involved in over 64 offenses at the juvenile detention center, including assault and possession of a controlled substance. As a result, he was eventually moved to a high-security unit.

Five years later, juvenile justice officials gave the boy a glowing endorsement, saying he turned his life around, earned his GED, developed carpentry skills, and is a role model for others at the juvenile facility. The officials admitted he will need ongoing anger management classes, but they believe he has been rehabilitated.

Friends and family of the victims were outraged when a judge decided the teen will be released from jail next month when he turns 19.

“They are considering him a good candidate for parole, well my dad and mum were good candidates to live. My kids are suffering. My brother is suffering. It’s just not right,” a daughter of the murdered couple said.

If the teen had been just one year older when he killed his girlfriend’s parents, he could have been tried as an adult. The judge’s ruling raises questions about the specific age which juveniles should be charged as adults, and the sentencing criteria if they are found guilty.

The teen who killed his girlfriend’s parents has not commented on his release or what his plans are following his release.

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