Hillary Clinton FBI Investigation Update: Clinton Should Be Indicted But Probably Won’t, Says Congressman And Former State Judge

Hillary Clinton likely deserves to be indicted after an FBI investigation into her use of an unsecured and unauthorized email server during her time as secretary of state, but likely won’t face any punishment, according to one Texas congressman and former state judge.

As the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s potential spilling of classified information moves closer to its conclusion, a growing number of experts are speaking out against what they believe to be preferential treatment of Clinton. The FBI has been largely tight-lipped about the status of the investigation, but has moved forward with interviews of close Clinton aides this week, meaning the presumptive Democratic nominee will have her own interview with federal investigators in the coming days or weeks.

But Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert isn’t holding his breath for the FBI to recommend indictment. The Republican told the Washington Examiner this week that the FBI and director James Comey will lay out the case to the Justice Department, but likely won’t recommend anything one way or the other.

“Director Comey is a pretty straight-up guy, and I don’t think he’ll pull any punches,” Gohmert said. “But I could also see him avoiding all the controversy by just saying, here’s all the evidence, it’s not our job to indict.”

Gohmert said he believes the evidence is there for indictment, but Hillary Clinton’s connections will likely keep her from facing justice as long as she keeps her mouth shut.

“If she were to turn around and start criticizing Obama herself, I could see her being indicted very quickly,” Gohmert told the Washington Examiner.

Gohmert is not the only one pointing to inconsistencies in the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton. Buffalo News columnist Douglas Turner said that the appearance of preferential treatment for Clinton may be ruining the public’s trust in the FBI on the matter.

Turner quoted Edward C. Cosgrove, a former FBI agent and former Erie County district attorney, who said there is widespread disbelief among FBI agents about the case and why it has not concluded.

Turner also concluded that the FBI is purposely going easy on Hillary Clinton.

“Federal law equips FBI agents with the power to get ugly jobs done quickly. When the bureau comes calling, any false statement made to an agent, either in person or in writing, subjects that person to the potential charge of a felony. No lawyer need be present. Bureau rule FR: 302 requires that the interviewing agent file a written report within five days.

“This email probe is different. The Washington Post reported this week that a longtime Clinton aide, Cheryl Mills, briefly walked out of an FBI interview when her lawyer said she was being asked questions that were off-limits. Mills’ interview was also off the record.

“There is no obligation on the part of the FBI to allow any question to be off-limits, or testimony to be off the record.”

The FBI investigation has cast a long shadow over Hillary Clinton’s campaign, leading to uncertainty about her future as the Democratic nominee and contributed to Bernie Sanders staying in the race despite a large and growing delegate deficit. It is also a factor in Clinton’s sinking popularity numbers, which are now close to equal to that of rival Donald Trump, who this week began to pass Clinton in a series of national polls.

Even if the FBI does not recommend indictment for Hillary Clinton, she could still face the consequences of her unauthorized use of a private email server, Gohmert predicted. He told the Washington Examiner that if Clinton should lose the presidential race in November, he hopes the next president will take on the case.

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