Jennifer Lopez Adopting Baby, Refusing Pregnancy With Casper Smart To Sustain Hot Body

Is Jennifer Lopez seriously considering the idea of adopting a baby? This seems to be the case, according to multiple outlets.

The former American Idol judge, who is gearing up to return to her Las Vegas residency next week, has been bumping heads with longtime boyfriend Casper Smart, who has allegedly made it known that he wants to start a family and have kids with the pop star.

But according to sources, Jennifer isn’t feeling the idea of having another baby — and that’s not because she doesn’t want more children or because she hates the process of carrying a child. Instead, she’s too busy and cannot afford to take time off work.

Lopez just signed on for Season 2 of Shades of Blue on NBC, she is gearing up to release her forthcoming album later this year, and resumes her Vegas residency next week, all while already being a parent to her twins, Emme and Max.

Getting pregnant now would put her career plans in turmoil. She cannot afford to have a baby at a time when her career is skyrocketing. The thought of losing her toned physique just doesn’t sit well with Lopez, who has been training for months to get her body in the best shape possible.

All in all, Jennifer told Casper that she is open to the idea of adopting a baby, that way she can extend the family and sustain her incredible curves.

“Casper recently proposed adopting a baby instead, and knowing how great he is with kids, Jennifer’s come around to the idea,” a source tells Life & Style. Casper was “inspired to suggest adoption after seeing how good Jennifer was with children other than her own.”

The source ended up by saying that Jennifer “loves kids and could really make a difference in an orphan’s life.” She understands that Casper is becoming frustrated because he is much younger than her and still doesn’t have any children of his own.

The couple has been together for over five years, and Jennifer Lopez knew that the day where Casper Smart demands children was bound to come. She just didn’t expect it to happen at a time where her career is better than ever before.

Of course, the two have yet to discuss further plans on when, how, and where, but the fact that Jennifer Lopez and Casper have allegedly discussed plans to adopt seems to be enough information for one to believe that the singer will be extending her family very soon.

Still, adopting a baby doesn’t necessarily reassure Casper’s happiness for the fact that the baby won’t be Smart’s biological child. Whether that’s going to be a problem for the professional choreographer, in the long run at least, has yet to seen. Since Jenner has no plans to lose her hot body anytime soon, Casper either gets with the program and settles with the adopted baby or he finds someone else.

Do you think Jennifer Lopez is being reasonable with the supposed fact that she’s not willing to get pregnant because of her duties as a businesswoman? And more so, should Casper stay around and settle for an adopted baby with Lopez, or should he just carry his bags, move out, and leave?

[Photo by Mike Moore/Getty Images]