Lil Kim Bad Boy Reunion Tour: Nicki Minaj Fears Being Trashed, Readying New Diss Track?

Nicki Minaj seems to think that Lil Kim will be taking slight digs at her during the forthcoming Bad Boy reunion tour, which kicks off in August.

Multiple reports allege that Nicki is definitely keeping her ears open for any comments that are being directed at her because she’s certain that Kim will use a platform as big as the reunion tour to reclaim her throne as the ultimate Queen of Rap.

A source reveals that the twosome still haven’t patched up their differences after having formed one of the biggest hip-hop feuds in the history of rap music.

Lil Kim had infamously claimed that Nicki stole her entire image, from the way she rapped to the way she dressed. Minaj’s response was simple, stressing that Kim was only jealous because her career had never reached the heights of the 33-year-old.

The duo would end up going back and forth in countless diss tracks, to the point where it was very clear that Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj weren’t going to make up anytime soon. But now that it’s been almost six years since their beef first started, one would’ve thought the duo could put their differences aside and move on from what many considered a pretty petty feud to begin with.

But no, Nicki is certain that Kim will trash her during her set on the Bad Boy tour, and should she see anything negative about her in one of the 41-year-old’s songs, she’ll be hitting the studio to pen one of her meanest diss tracks yet, sources allege.

The insider goes on to reveal, “For much of Nicki’s career, she hasn’t had much competition in the rap game. But now since Lil’ Kim is about to hit the stage on this Bad Boy Reunion tour, Nicki’s preparing like never before.”

While Nicki Minaj has often made it seem that she isn’t worried about competition, she’s definitely checking up on what the likes of Iggy Azalea and Lil Kim are doing that could potentially tarnish her chances to remain the supposed best female rapper of all time.

While she’s still enjoying her time off from music, Nicki is prepared to head back in the studio booth and cook up a song if Lil Kim dares take shots at her during the Bad Boy tour.

One source stated, “Nicki’s not stupid. She knows Kim has a lot of die-hard fans and the last thing Nicki wants is for this girl to rise back up from the dead and steal the spotlight.”

I blame Nicki minaj for Lil Kim’s self hate behaviour,we all know ever since Nicki came to scene everyone forgot her

— Made In Botlokwa (@Gabriel_83829) April 25, 2016

“Nicki’s also got her pen and notebook out and already writing diss bars because she knows Kim is petty and bitter and is likely to come for her at one of her shows.”

Lil Kim’s fans will definitely hope to see their idol make some kind of jabs aimed at Nicki Minaj since the Bad Boy tour will be the perfect place to drive up much publicity to what many have already considered the biggest feud between two female rappers.

It should also be noted that the forthcoming tour is being held at stadiums, which suggests that there will be tens of thousands of fans coming out to watch Lil Kim and the rest of the Bad Boy family perform their hits.

Many seem to agree that if Lil Kim isn’t done trashing Nicki Minaj just yet, this tour is her perfect opportunity not only to regain her spot as the credible female rapper she once was but also make it known how much she despises Nicki in the form of an unreleased potential hit song.

To say that the crowd would go insane is an understatement.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris and Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]