Arizona Dad Barbecued Dog To Punish Daughter

An Arizona dad has been arrested after he admittedly sacrificed the family dog for a downright bizarre reason. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that 42-year-old Patrick Thompson committed the horrifying act as a sort of punishment for his daughter wearing a shirt which offended him.

The incident reportedly took place last Saturday. The Daily Star reports that the former footballer and owner of a well-known barbecue truck appeared to “snap” when his daughter wore a shirt which troubled him. Apparently, the Arizona dad felt that his daughter’s shirt was “satanic,” and he decided that the best way to deal with the situation was to murder the family’s 15-lb. dog.

Patrick Thompson admitted to authorities that he strangled the dog “until it stopped breathing,” and then put it in his mobile smoker, which he used to operate his business Raging Cajun Smoking Barbecue. He also reportedly burned his 17-year-old daughter’s shirt. The use of his mobile smoker is a shocking detail in this case. In fact, the gruesome details of this horrifying incident have attracted a ton of unwanted attention on the Facebook page dedicated to the barbecue business. A post has recently been made requesting that people respect the family during this difficult time and refrain from posting reviews and comments related to what happened last Saturday.

Javier Orelly sacrificed his mom's dog. Palm Beach Sheriff's Office

This isn’t the first time a family pet has been “sacrificed” in a bizarre and violent crime. Earlier this year, a Florida man named Javier Orelly allegedly beheaded his mom’s dog because it “looked at him weird.” When authorities arrested the Florida man, they found that he had committed the killing in a ritualistic manner, apparently sacrificing the defenseless animal.

Also this year, a Missouri man was arrested after he allegedly killed two dogs with a meat cleaver. Kelly R. Bichsel is also accused of mutilating and torturing two other dogs. Authorities in Missouri say that the attack was completely unprovoked when he killed one of his dogs and a dog belonging to a friend of 10 years. This incident has, of course, ruined that friendship.

In the case of Arizona dad Patrick Thompson, authorities have charged him with animal cruelty, threats against his family, tampering with evidence, and assault. He is currently being held on bond in the amount of $20k. Patrick Thompson is a former football player who played for Arizona State University. He has also worked in the past as a social worker for the state of Arizona. He now owns a well-known mobile barbecue joint, but business may be affected by the terrible crimes that he has admitted to committing.

The man’s daughter says that he “had a mental breakdown” and “turned to drugs” during a dark patch in his life. The Arizona dad admitted to authorities that he had smoked marijuana prior to the violent incident involving the family dog.

[Photo via Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office]