Luann De Lesseps Hints That Sonja Morgan Made A Huge Mistake With Bethenny Frankel

Luann De Lesseps knows that it takes a creative idea and a lot of hard work to make a brand work. And Luann may have seen how much work Bethenny Frankel has put into her Skinnygirl business while filming The Real Housewives of New York. She’s been working on her brand for a long time, and when de Lesseps learned that Sonja Morgan would be calling her new Prosecco line Tipsy Girl, she immediately knew that it would cause a problem with Bethenny.

According to a new Bravo report, Luann De Lesseps is now dishing her thoughts on the confrontation that took place on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York. Frankel was furious that her friend decided to create a copy brand of her successful brand. In the confrontation, Morgan revealed that she was thrilled about this new opportunity, but Bethenny felt that she had been stabbed in the back. And Luann De Lesseps wasn’t surprised that Bethenny was upset about the name.

“Sonja is humble about her Prosecco business, and she doesn’t think she’ll be a threat to Bethenny’s Skinnygirl brand. I can see why the name Tipsy Girl is a little too close for comfort for Bethenny. I can’t believe Sonja or her business partners didn’t realize that using the word “girl” would be a problem,” Luann De Lesseps explains in her blog, sharing that her co-star isn’t a dumb blonde when it comes to business deals.

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“Sonja is not a dumb blonde; she is intelligent and her protestation that she didn’t realize the similarity between the name of her wine and Bethenny’s brands is a bit disingenuous. Bethenny may have been harsh on her during their “mentoring” meeting, but Sonja can’t play smart then dumb when it comes to her business,” Luann De Lesseps points out, sharing Frankel’s opinion about playing smart in the brand summit meetings and then playing dumb about the copycat business.

Luann is also questioning her co-star’s decision to partner up with Peter, Ramona Singer‘s previous business owner. It sounds like he really wants to partner up with Real Housewives of New York stars, possibly so he can get exposure of his own ventures. Singer had previously worked with him on a restaurant deal that never ended up working out. So Luann De Lesseps may be wondering why her co-star is striving for a working relationship with him.

“As for Peter, Sonja might want to look elsewhere for investors for her next business venture. If Sonja wants to get into accessories, hopefully she’ll not name it the ____ Collection!” Luann De Lesseps points out, revealing that she doesn’t want her co-star to copy her line of accessories.

But Luann De Lesseps wasn’t the only person who was very critical of her co-star’s decisions to run this business. Frankel had sadly learned about the Tipsy Girl business through the media, and she was furious that her friend hadn’t said anything to her about her. She sat her co-star down and completely ripped her apart, saying that she wanted nothing to do with her. Luann De Lesseps didn’t reveal whether she thought Bethenny was overreacting, but it sounds like she understands the betrayal.

“I also know this industry fairly well, and the TTB, the liquor governing board that approves labels, would doubtfully name a cocktail “half drunk” girl. They take drinking responsibly as seriously as do I,” the Skinnygirl creator revealed in her own blog for Bravo, adding, “I have no anger towards Sonja, but I do have sympathy. I hope she can find her truth somewhere in the process.”

What do you think of Luann De Lesseps taking Frankel’s side in this booze argument? Do you think Sonja crossed the line?

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