Cards Against Humanity: 10,000 ‘Donald Trump Bug-Out Bag’ Kits Sell Out In 24 Hours

Cards Against Humanity is known as the type of wild card game that features outrageous questions and responses to select from, adding spice to parties. Now Cards Against Humanity has released a “Donald Trump Bug-Out Bag,” which is a $25 kit full of items to help people survive in case Donald Trump becomes President.

Apparently, the Cards Against Humanity Trump bug-out bags were so popular that folks snatched up all 10,000 of the Trump bug-out bags pretty quickly, because the Cards Against Humanity Twitter account reported all the bags as sold out. According to Newser, the Cards Against Humanity Trump bags sold out in less than 24 hours.

The Cards Against Humanity website explained what the Trump bags contained.

“A pre-packed duffle bag with over a dozen items 
hand-picked to help you survive the collapse of
 civilization after Donald Trump is elected President 
of the United States. Includes the Cards Against 
Humanity Trump Pack with 25 new jokes about
 frightening demagogue Donald Trump.”

As of May 18, all of the Trump bags had been sold — a fact that the Cards Against Humanity website called said.

Using their humorous and over-the-top way of writing, the Cards Against Humanity folks explained that the Trump bug-out bags contain food rations for those times when supplies ran low, as well as flint and steel to help a person start fires to warm their “cold, terrified family.”

Additionally, the Cards Against Humanity durable Trump black bug-out bags are comprised of fabric that is suitable for travel throughout radioactive wastelands, harkening every scene of every apocalyptic movie ever made. The Trump bags from Cards Against Humanity also come with water purification tablets in the event that the supply of drinkable water is ever depleted.

The Cards Against Humanity kits to survive Trump also come with hand-crank radios so folks can scan the airwaves to search for survivors. There’s a gas mask for protection from red dust while scavenging for scrap metal and a can of beans to eat around fires, but only on special occasions. Then there’s the “space blanket” that the Cards Against Humanity makers wrote comes in the Trump bug-out bag to keep people warm when fires are risky.

The Cards Against Humanity makers are hilariously fielding backlash from Trump supporters on their Twitter account, as seen below.

The remaining contents of the Cards Against Humanity Trump bug-out bags are listed below, as seen on the Cards Against Humanity website.

“A harmonica to entertain your fellow waste-landers with songs of the old days.

“A compass to help you head south towards whatever meager civilization still remains.

“A laminated card with handy Spanish phrases such as, ‘I am a refugee.’

“Currency from Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Colombia.

“An application to become a permanent resident of Mexico.

“Seed packets to help you recreate civilization by cultivating plants.

“A copy of Plato’s Republic so that you can contemplate the ultimate folly of democracy.

“The Cards Against Humanity Trump pack with 25 cards about America’s 45th and last president, Donald Trump.

“A small golden locket with a photograph of former President Barack Obama.”

After all of those interesting details about the contents of the Cards Against Humanity Trump bug-out bags were listed, the website listed the update that all of their 10,000 bug-out bags were sold out. A quip that those who didn’t get the chance to buy their Cards Against Humanity bug-out bags would perish in the wasteland followed.

“All 10,000 bags have sold out.
 When Donald Trump is elected President,
 you will perish in the wasteland. Sorry.”

Reaction to the Cards Against Humanity Trump bug-out bags on social media has been swift.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]