‘DWTS’ Drama: Nyle DiMarco Learns Of Ginger Zee’s Past Dancing And Calls It Karma?

Nyle DiMarco learned that he would be dancing in the finals on Dancing with the Stars this past Monday. He joins ABC News Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee and UFC fighter Paige VanZant in the finals, who could both give him stiff competition to the very end.

Before joining Dancing with the Stars, Nyle was working as a model, as he had just won America’s Next Top Model. He had revealed that he had no past dancing experience, and some of his competitors had said the same. But now the truth is coming out, and it turns out that his competitors have danced before.

According to a new Radar Online report, Nyle DiMarco is now learning that both Ginger Zee and Paige VanZant have both lied about their dancing experience. And now that the finale is coming up, Nyle may believe that he has more votes in his favor simply because of these lies. Apparently, he was furious when he first found out that his competitors had lied about their previous dancing experience, but now he thinks that karma is just coming back to bite them.

Ginger Zee had previously revealed that she had no dancing experience. Both Radar Online and Romper reveal that Zee had said that she had no dancing experience whatsoever.

“I was nervous coming out here as this new mom with no dance experience,” Ginger said, according to Radar Online, while Romper has quoted her as saying that she has “very little dance experience and zero ballroom experience.”

In the Romper report, Zee reveals that she and her dance partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, practiced for two weeks leading up to the competition, and she danced for approximately 28 hours before competing on television. Nyle DiMarco isn’t too happy about her lies. Apparently, she was caught in a lie this week, as she posted a picture on Instagram that revealed she danced on her college dance squad. While she did say that she didn’t have any ballroom experience, she also said that she had no dancing experience — and this post would prove that she’s lying. She later deleted the post, according to Radar Online.

And fans have also learned that Nyle DiMarco’s other competitor, Paige VanZant, lied about her relationship to dancing as well. Apparently, her mother was a dance instructor. While Paige may not look like the dancer, one can imagine she did dance a bit as a child thanks to her mother’s profession.

“Nyle thinks it’s hilarious because their karma totally caught up with them this week,” a source has revealed to Radar Online, adding, “After Nyle’s dance, Paige and Ginger both came up to him to let him know that they were so impressed by him. They actually said that they think he should be the winner now.”

Of course, DiMarco already has one struggle that he has to deal with. He’s deaf, and he can’t hear the music. In fact, he can’t hear anything when he’s dancing and has to watch his dance partner’s body and do the counts in his head for the perfect result. Thus far, he has made other professional dancers dance without music, and last week, Nyle DiMarco scored perfect scores with his dance, where he was blindfolded throughout the performance. The other two may be scared that DiMarco will take home the Mirrorball trophy in two weeks when the finale takes place. It will definitely be interesting to see who takes this one home, as it is really anyone’s game right now.

What do you think of Nyle DiMarco’s reaction to these two secrets? Are you surprised that his competitors have lied about their previous dance experience?

[Image via Instagram]