‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Finale ‘Family Affair’: “Outrageous Tragedy” Ahead [Spoilers]

The season 12 finale of Grey’s Anatomy titled, “Family Affair,” looks set to bring some pretty serious drama to Grey Sloan Memorial.

Jesse Williams, who plays Jackson, recently spoke out about the big finale to TV Line, where he revealed some big spoilers and claimed that the season 12 finale of Grey’s Anatomy is even more dramatic than the shocking end of season 11, which saw Derek Shepherd’s death.

Teasing that “Family Affair” will bring a “bigger climax” than last year’s finale in the interview, Williams promised that the season 12 end “is outrageous” before admitting that “the stakes are very, very high” for his character and April.

“There’s a lot to be gained and there’s a hell of a lot to lose,” Jesse added of the Grey’s Anatomy season closer.

Grey’s Anatomy actress Kelly McCreary, who plays Maggie, also spoke out about the drama ahead in “Family Affair” to TV Line, and revealed that there’s “definitely a potential disaster” in the upcoming season 12 finale.

“There’s a lot of disaster potential, let’s put it that way,” Kelly added, before he co-star Martin Henderson, who plays Nathan, confessed that the finale brings “some tragedy.”

But while it sounds like there’s definitely a whole lot of drama in the Grey’s Anatomy season 12 finale, Henderson did reveal that the episode is actually “pretty positive” overall — despite the dramatic spoilers.

“There are a lot of positive things that come out of the final episode,” the Grey’s Anatomy actor told TV Line. “There’s a lot of humor and some very funny scenes. It feels like it ends on a really upbeat and optimistic note.”

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It’s thought that “optimistic note” could be referring to two of the finale’s biggest storylines, Amelia and Owen’s wedding and the birth of April and Jackson’s baby, which are both set to go down in the Grey’s Anatomy season closer.

Caterina Scorsone recently spoke to TV Line about her character’s upcoming walk down the aisle with Owen, where she confessed that their nuptials certainly aren’t going to be plain sailing.

In typical Grey’s Anatomy fashion, Caterina confessed that the morning of Amelia and Owen’s big day sees things “explode” for the couple after the doctor doesn’t feel she’s getting the support she deserves from Meredith.

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“The morning of the wedding, everything kind of explodes,” Caterina admitted to TV Line in the new interview, revealing that her character is left “disappointed” and “very betrayed” by what transpires. “A whole, unfortunate series of events takes place that sends Amelia into a tailspin,” the actress revealed of the Grey’s Anatomy finale.

But while we don’t know exactly what happens on Amelia and Owen’s wedding morning, Caterina confessed that it won’t be tied to April and Jackson’s baby’s arrival.

“Thankfully, Amelia is blissfully oblivious to April’s situation,” the actress said ahead of the Grey’s Anatomy season 12 finale, joking, “I think maybe that would have been the final death knell!”

But while April and Jackson’s baby may not be causing wedding drama for Amelia and Owen, Jesse Williams did reveal that the arrival of their bundle of joy does bring the twosome closer together.

“Their relationship may not have worked, they might have stumbled along the way, but they did accomplish something,” Jesse recently told TV Line ahead of the explosive Grey’s Anatomy finale, admitting that the baby “gives Jackson and April both peace of mind that they’ve done something that does work.”

“Just them even [expecting] a child that, by all appearances, is healthy was an incredible milestone for them… and an incredible sigh of relief,” Jesse continued ahead of the Grey’s Anatomy season 12 finale.

Grey’s Anatomy‘s season 12 finale, titled “Family Affair,” will air on ABC on May 19 at 8 p.m.

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