McKayla Maroney Meets Neil Patrick Harris … Looks Actually A Little Impressed

McKayla Maroney is not impressed easily, but, on a recent trip to the set of How I Met Your Mother, she appeared happy to be meeting the cast members, especially Neil Patrick Harris.

The pictures of her visit to the show turned up onHypable, showing McKayla Maroney meeting with NPH and Alyson Hannigan. Both stars got a chance to hold the 16-year-old gymnast’s medals, with the tiny star actually cracking a smile in both shots instead of her now-trademarks unimpressed smirk.

Maroney shot to fame during the 2012 London Olympics for her sizzling performances in the gym but also for a candid moment on the medal podium when she looked very less than thrilled to be winning silver in the vault. The picture spurred an internet meme showing McKayla Maroney not being impressed with a variety of things, from double rainbows to Mars landings.

McKayla Maroney and her teammates from the US women’s gymnastics team even gave their best impressions of the “not impressed” face during a visit to The Late Show with David Letterman.

McKayla Maroney’s visit to the How I Met Your Mother set led some people to speculate that she might be a guest star on the show. Or if the show runs long enough, she could actually end up being the unnamed mother — if the show ever gets around to revealing who it is.

Either way, both McKayla Maroney and the stars of the show appeared impressed with the visit, E! News Online noted.

McKayla Maroney meets Alyson Hannigan

“It was so very nice to meet you today!!” McKayla Maroney wrote on her Facebook page. “Your amazing, and I had a ton of fun!! Hope to see you again(:”