‘Chicago Fire’ Season 4 Finale: What Happened To Dawson? [Spoilers]

The trailer for the Chicago Fire Season 4 finale made it clear that Dawson could be in trouble. While going through the process to adopt Louie, she was caught in an explosion and potentially killed. Fans took to social media partially in a panic, with others saying that there was no way she would be killed.

So, what happened to Dawson in the end? Was she killed by the explosion, or did the team get to her in time?

Most of the focus of the episode wasn’t actually on whether Dawson would live or die. It didn’t turn out to be the big storyline many predicted days earlier. It was part of a story within the episode, playing out very much like the trailer showed it would. Dawson told Stella to leave the building first, and reluctantly she did. As she went down the rope, there was an explosion, and the rope was burned, with no way to save Dawson.

Dawson did manage to escape the building, though. She was seen hanging on the ledge, where the Chicago fire department could get to her and save her. No cliffhanger and no potentially devastating storyline for Season 5 in sight.

On top of that, she gets good news that she can adopt Louis. This is all despite the apartment she moves into not being quite ready for the inspection. Because a previous apartment fell through, she was forced to take Herman up on his offer and move into the apartment above the garage. While the fire team help to get it ready, they can’t manage everything, and it looks like she has failed. The moment that Louie and Dawson hug was sweet.

The Chicago Fire Season 4 finale even had more good news for Dawson. After a lot of questions over their relationship and whether Casey would decide to move on, he was given the hotel room of sexy politician Stacy. With many wondering whether he would go to her, he made fans happy by knocking on Dawson’s door in the middle of the night to meet Louie. It looks like the time apart has made him realize he is ready.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the decision for Casey to knock on Dawson’s door in the finale was Michael Brandt’s idea. He felt that it would be the right thing for the character to do. While other relationships have failed and some have just fizzled out, he knew that there was something “reliable” about Dawson and Casey. They need to stay together, and they would clearly fight for each other when needed.

If Casey had gone to Stacy’s hotel room and slept with her, Dawson would have never forgiven him. She has Louie to think about now, and wouldn’t jeopardize anything for him. Also, Casey is not the type of guy to risk a relationship by doing something like that.

That doesn’t make it easy for the two. Chicago Fire Season 5 will still feature obstacles for the two of them. It is clear that one of those is whether they are even back together. It is clear from the Season 4 finale that the two will be back together at the start, but things will fall into their path that could really make it hard for them.

The good news for fans who have been waiting for it is that the wedding is definitely a possibility next season. Nobody has said when or whether it will definitely happen, but it is on the cards at the moment. Chicago Fire will return in September or October, picking up from where it left off, with Dawson definitely not dead.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]