iPhone 7: Leaked Images Reveal Upcoming iPhone Model Will Get 4 Speaker Grilles, Larger Camera

iPhone 7

While it would be some time before Apple reveals its next generation iPhone models, there is no dearth of speculation regarding the upcoming device – most likely to be called the iPhone 7. In the freshest set of rumors, 9To5Mac is reporting a rather “unusual” iPhone 7 leak that indicates a bunch of new feature upgrades on the next generation iPhone.

Leaked images, purportedly from an Italian case manufacturer, show four speaker grilles on the purported iPhone 7 chassis. There are speaker grilles both at the top and the bottom of this leaked iPhone 7 chassis. Obviously, this has led to rumors about possibility of the iPhone 7 getting more speakers when it arrives sometime in September 2016. Eagle-eyed iPhone fanboys might also clearly notice that the leaked images also point towards a redesign of the camera hole and the positioning of the flash apparatus. This has led to rumors of the possibility of the iPhone getting a new camera module that would be better than the one seen on the current iPhone 6s model. There have been reports about the possibility of the iPhone 7 getting a camera with a larger aperture. Looking at the redesigned camera hole, this looks to be the case after all.

iPhone 7 case
Earlier reports about the redesigned camera hole did not come with any pictures and we were left to imagine how the redesigned back panel would look. Also note that there is no sign of the presence of a 3.5mm audio jack on this leaked iPhone 7 chassis. If this is the case, there is possibility that you would see earphones switching to using the lightning connector starting with the iPhone 7. You can always use Bluetooth headsets in case you prefer listening to music wirelessly.

Now, all this new piece of information is contradicting earlier reports which seemed to show that the iPhone 7 would be identical to the iPhone 6s in almost all aspects save the internals which would obviously get an incremental upgrade. However, the new set of leaked images seem to show something totally different.

Now, one thing to be noted about this particular leak is the fact that the leaked photo is purported to be that of a case of the 4.7-inch version of the new iPhone 7. There is no image of the 5.5-inch version of the device, which is rumored to be receiving a dual camera set up. Nevertheless, we can expect both the versions to get a significant camera upgrade later this year. Another possibility that is being talked about is the fact that the iPhone 7 could be water and dust-proof.

Reactions to this new iPhone 7 rumor — especially the four-speaker-setup has been mixed. While several experts have turned it down as being “just another rumor,” some say four speakers on the iPhone 7 is overkill. However, considering the fact that the iPad Pro features four speakers, there are others who say Apple could try out the speaker experiment on the iPhone lineup as well.

Meanwhile, industry insiders have revealed that several of Apple’s manufacturing partners are on a hiring spree after realizing that the iPhone 7 model would feature a “more complex design” compared to the existing models. Other improvements could include a new processor with better graphics performance. The RAM could also be increased to 3GB.

Now, if you are already thinking f getting this still mythical iPhone 7, you would need to wait till September — the month in which Apple is known to release new iPhone models over the past few years.

[Image Via Pixabay]