Gigi Hadid On Staying Sane Under Pressure

Gigi Hadid certainly seems to have everything a girl could ever want. From her super sexy boyfriend, Zayn Malik, to her amazing modeling career, Ms. Hadid is living the dream. She has famous friends, including Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner. She has wonderful clothes and plenty of parties to go to. She is beautiful, popular, and totally lovable. She has 17.7 million Instagram followers, according to Vanity Fair. While it is true that Gigi’s life certainly has its perks, it also has a lot of pressures.

Gigi Hadid works hard to build her career. She has accomplished quite a bit in a very short time. She has far exceeded her own expectations. Everything is happening so fast for her.

“It’s hard because honestly, a year ago, if you would have asked me what my goals are, I wouldn’t even have named half the things that I’ve done, because you don’t feel like they’re possible—you give yourself a five-year period to do the stuff that I have done in a year.”

Gigi Hadid is only 21-years-old, and she has one of the most recognizable faces in the world. She is almost never out of the spotlight. Yet she remains level headed, warm, and kind. How does she do it? Gigi reveals what she does to stay sane.

Gigi Hadid’s first two tips are about nutrition and hydration. E! News reports Gigi’s motto.

“Eat clean to stay fit, eat a burger to stay sane.”

Most fashion models do not eat burgers, at least not often, but Ms. Hadid has no doubt learned there is a price to be paid for following the rules without any flexibility. Unsatisfied food cravings could easily become crazy making.

“I grew up with my mom pushing the importance of staying hydrated.”

Gigi’s mom made an important observation. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids, including water, is key to staying mentally sharp and physically fit. Water is also good for the skin, so kudos to mom for passing on a great pointer.

Gigi Hadid by Frazer Harrison r
Gigi Hadid [Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]
Gigi Hadid Photo by Larry Busacca
Gigi Hadid [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

Ms. Hadid is an artist at heart, loving the composition aspects of her photos. Staying aware of those aspects is no doubt helpful to her photographers, and it also makes her an artist as well as a model, as she explained to Vanity Fair.

“I grew up loving iconic photos and that’s why I wanted to be a model. It wasn’t about the actual clothes and the business behind fashion until I got into it. That’s why photographers were my idols. I always try and leave set proud of what I do, and so when I get to see [the images] out it’s really exciting. It’s rewarding.”

Gigi Hadid is a powerhouse of creative energy, and she thrives on the creative process. She incorporates creativity in everything she does. Her two favorite hobbies are very telling of her strategy for surviving the stress.

“I do art and I cook. Sometimes it’s fun to do where everyone makes their own little pizza.”

According to Gigi, it is the little things in life that restore peace after a hard day. Sometimes it is good to just forget your job and who you are in life in order to enjoy the small stuff. Express creativity in small ways as well as big ones.

“I love doing art and so a lot of the time I’ll be cooking and painting at the same time, and friends will be painting… I just like laughing with my friends and doing simple stuff, because everything else is so hectic.”

Gigi Hadid, like most creative people, must use a lot of discipline in her creative career, so she still requires a creative hobby that allows for a more free-form creativity. She has found creative ways to relax her mind, enjoy true recreation, and find self-expression.

Gigi Hadid shares her ideas and inspirations, hoping to help fans with similar struggles.

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