Bridget Marquardt Shares Her Thoughts On Holly Madison And Kendra Wilkinson Feud

The feud between Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, so Bridget Marquardt is finally speaking out about her thoughts on it. E! Online shared what Bridget had to say about Holly and Kendra not being able to get past their issues. Bridget, Holly, and Kendra were all on The Girls Next Door together and lived at the Playboy mansion with Hugh Hefner.

Bridget Marquardt shared her thoughts with Hollywood Today Live’s Garcelle Beauvais and Kristen Brockman. The thing is Bridget is not taking sides. She was seen last week on Kendra On Top, and it is obvious that she isn’t going to defend either one of them. Bridget started out explaining that they have a bond that is hard to explain because it is different than anything. They were on reality TV together.

After that, Bridget Marquardt went on to share her thoughts, and she isn’t defending either one of them. Bridget talked about how considering they have this bond, she is sad about what is going on.

“And so in that sense, it kind of makes me sad, but at the same time, I mean, Holly came out with a book and she gave her experience. This is what I told Kendra, ‘She’s writing about her experience and this is how she’s reflecting on it and she has a right to do that. And you have a right not to agree with her, but lashing out like this and saying such vile things and stuff isn’t really the way to handle it either.'”

Holly Madison has two books out now, and Bridget revealed that Kendra told her she hasn’t even read the second one. It is hard for her to know that it is full of lies if she hasn’t actually read the book. Kendra did admit on her show last week that she said some things when she was trying to distance herself from Playboy, and she seems to regret saying she wasn’t friends with Bridget. Marquardt went on to share her thoughts on this comment.

“I do feel it was sincere and I do think there’s a long way to go. There’s been a long track record of things, you know, so I think that that’s definitely a step in the right direction, and we both feel really good about it. But it doesn’t mean that we’re BFFs or anything right now.”

People shared some of the details from Holly Madison’s new book. This one is about the Playboy mansion as well and talks about Kendra and Bridget, plus, of course, Hugh Hefner. Holly says that at the mansion you feel like your value decreases with age. She also said they encouraged women who acted stupid. Madison went on to explain how hard it was on her.

“When I arrived, I saw women tell lies about other women and get them kicked out. I got scared really fast. They were always watching every move I made. There were sharks in the water.”

Luckily, Holly was able to become friends with Bridget, but not everyone in the house. Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson may never be the best of friends, but it does look like they have moved on past their issues. It doesn’t appear that Kendra and Holly will ever fix their relationship. Do you think that Holly and Kendra should make up? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss the Season 5 finale of Kendra On Top on Friday night.

[Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images for The Queen Mary]