Christy Turlington’s Daughter Joins Mom On Photo Shoot

Christy Turnlington’s daughter is getting a taste of the modeling life in a new photo shoot along with her mom.

Grace Burns joined her 43-year-old mother for a series of intimate photos for DuJour magazine, the Daily Mail reported. And, from the looks of it, Christy Turlington’s daughter has inherited the natural good looks of the former Calvin Klein model.

The photos show a touching series of interactions between mother and daughter. In one, Christy Turlington gently touches her daughter’s nose, and another shows Christy affectionately embracing Grace.

Another shot from the photo series shows Christy Turlington posing with students from the California’s Stony Hill Stables, as the model is an avid rider. The group of girls — which also includes Christy Turlington’s daughter — look on as Christy beams in an “Every Mother Counts” t-shirt.

The magazine highlights Christy’s harrowing childbirth during which she was unable to pass the afterbirth and suffered a life-threatening case of postpartum hemorrhaging. After the incident, Christy Turlington became an advocate for postpartum hemorrhaging, eventually making the 2010 documentary No Woman, No Cry. The film follows women from four countries throughout their pregnancies, Yahoo!’s omg! reported.

“I thought some people might perceive it as, ‘Oh, what’s a model doing in this?'” Turlington told DuJour.”But hopefully that falls away. I’m just like any of the other women in terms of giving birth-you’re always vulnerable in that state, and you always need support.”

Grace Turlington is the daughter of Christy and her husband of nine years, the actor and director Edward Burns.

Photos of Christy Turlington’s daughter can be found at DuJour.