Could This Explain Why The Infamous Black Gloves Didn’t Fit OJ Simpson? Robert Shapiro Speaks For The First Time In 20 Years

OJ Simpson’s murder trial lawyer, Robert Shapiro, spoke to the media for the first time about the infamous murder trial that left many questioning if justice was really served. OJ Simpson was accused of killing ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. The pair were found stabbed to death at Nicole’s home and OJ Simpson quickly became the prime suspect. However, the “trial of the century” ended with Simpson being found not guilty of the murders. Now Simpson’s trial lawyer Robert Shapiro is speaking out for the first time in 20 years regarding the case. Shapiro reveals his take on the verdict, the potential of multiple killers, the words Simpson whispered following the verdict, and more about the notorious black gloves.

People Magazine reveals some of the most interesting information learned about the OJ Simpson trial from lawyer Robert Shapiro during his interview with Megyn Kelly. Shapiro sat down for an interview about the infamous trial for the first time in 20 years and revealed some new information about the case, including the whispered words from OJ Simpson after hearing the not guilty verdict.

Robert Shapiro spoke with Megyn Kelly about the Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman murder trial during which he represented OJ Simpson. Shapiro notes that from the very start of the trial, he knew that Simpson would be found not guilty as the prosecution was not prepared for the case. The veteran lawyer claimed that he tricked prosecutor Marcia Clark into believing he was not prepared so that she would push for the trial to move forward without preparing enough herself.

“The judge asked, ‘Mr. Shapiro, what’s your position?’ ‘Your honor, we’re ready for trial.’ Looks at Marcia Clark and says, ‘Call your first witness,’ And you could see the blood come out of her face, and from that day on, I knew, there would be no conviction.”

OJ Simpson gloves
O.J. Simpson holds up his hands before the jury after putting on a new pair of gloves similar to the infamous "bloody gloves" during his double-murder trial in Los Angeles (Image by Vince Bucci, Pool/ AP Photo)

Regarding the murder itself, Shapiro revealed that there may have been two murderers, not just one. The lawyer says he believes the prosecution rushed into the trial as they believed OJ Simpson was the killer, and the only killer. However, Shapiro says that he believes the evidence points to the possibility of two separate killers involved in the attack.

“The prosecution wedded themselves to one knife, one killer theory. There is a strong possibility that more than one person was involved.”

Shapiro also discussed the notorious black gloves from the trial and revealed that he knew the gloves would not fit before OJ Simpson ever tried them on. The lawyer says that he personally tried the gloves on his hands before the trial and knew that with Simpson’s hands being so much larger than his, there is no way they would fit the defendant. Therefore, he encouraged Simpson to attempt to put on the gloves dramatically, tugging and pulling on them in a bid to try to squeeze them on his large hands.

With Shapiro noting that there may have been two killers, it could be speculated that the gloves in trial may have belonged to the second killer and that OJ Simpson got away with murder simply because the prosecution did not consider the possibility of a second killer. Though the possibility of a second killer would explain why the gloves didn’t fit Simpson in trial, others say that the gloves belonged to Simpson but he was coached not to take his arthritis meds to ensure his hands were swollen when he tried on the gloves. Another theory is that the gloves shrank after being soaked in blood for so long.

When Kelly asked Shapiro if he thought justice was served in the case, the lawyer says he believes “judicial” justice was served without doubt. However, he says he cannot speak for moral justice and has not discussed it with anyone, not even his wife.

“There’s two types of justice that we deal with, in America: there’s moral justice and there’s legal justice. If you look at it from a moral point of view, a lot of people would say he absolutely did it. I deal in legal justice, as you did as a lawyer, and that’s proof beyond a reasonable doubt. And there’s no question in my mind that any fair juror who saw that case from the beginning to the end would conclude there was reasonable doubt.”

Though Shapiro would not disclose his personal feelings on the “moral justice” of the case, he did reveal what words Simpson whispered to him following his murder acquittal which was “‘You told me this would be the result from the beginning. You were right.”

What do you think of the Robert Shapiro interview? Could the two killer theory account for why the gloves did not fit OJ Simpson? Did Simpson get away with murder because the black gloves in trial were worn by his accomplice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Image by Myung J. Chun/ AP Photo]